Review: Symphony Cult – Rewind To Fast Forward

COP055The debut full-length from rising metal quintet Symphony Cult, Rewind To Fast Forward, offers what can be described as a firm handshake to the world. Sounding so much tighter, sharper, and well-produced than old EP Speak When Spoken To, opening track You races out of the starting blocks with some great distorted sounding guitar sounds reminiscent of US metal titans Sevendust.

Granted, vocalist Charlotte Lubbock‘s voice isn’t as strong as the more premier females of metal, (step forward Amy Lee, Lacey Mosley, Tarja Turunen) but realistically, it simply doesn’t need to be. Coupled with some deeper vocals from guitarists John Lovell and Barney Cushman, it compliments the album perfectly, and works so well with the grungy, strong underlay of a bass-driven rhythm section and the occasional taps into some well-used double bass, as seen in Unspoken.

A lot of the songs on the album have a real haunting and desperate sounding tune to them, a state of emergency, if you will, and it really keeps the listener interested – big riffs and bigger choruses aplenty. Unfortunately, if you don’t love the record, you might be tempted to skip a few songs; there are definitely hits and misses, brilliant tracks like the more hard-rock sounding Confess speaking for the latter, but the slightly more dragging Breaking Free speaking for the latter.

If one is to get as far as the end of the album however, listeners are let in on a complete gem, in the form of closing track Until Tomorrow – a giant monster of a track, with what has to be the best chorus on the album, a complete sing-along tune. When the guitars start to pick pace up, you can literally feel the energy flowing, and it definitely cements the track as the best on the record.

While there are passers, and there are keepers, Symphony Cult have done very well to produce some great tracks – hopefully more people will be Rewinding, and not Fast-Forwarding.

George Cannings.

Symphony Cult release their debut full-length Rewind To Fast Forward on September 28th, and are main support for InMe, on tour from September 16th, with more headline shows around the time.

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