Review: A Textbook Tragedy – Rain City State Of Mind

atextbooktragedy_hirescoverepVancouver’s A Textbook Tragedy play very aggressively, viciously, and loudly, and new digital offering, Rain City State Of Mind, is no exception. Tearing out of the starting blocks from the first chord, Destroyed In Seconds sounds fast, raw, and very, very heavy.

The quintet have a great knack for combining a quick-paced hardcore sound into their technical metal, making great use of gang vocals, a constantly whacked snare beat, and some really in-your-face yells, screams, and barks from vocalist Chris Bahris.

Taking all this, and mixing it with your daily dose of progressive chug-a-chug, and you’ve got a fantastic record. Five songs seems just enough to keep your attention without getting bored too easily, and the band have stepped into unusual territory, going for a melodic sound in places, a faint hint of clean singing heard on the likes of the brilliant White Lightning in amongst the brutal growls and emergency-ridden yelps, while What’s Pit Beef? unleashes an all out assault on the senses, a not-so-subtle nod to early Dillinger Escape Plan work, but it works for them very well.

A Textbook Tragedy have the power to entice both hardcore and metal crowds, and this little gem will ensure their target audience is pleasantly, albeit, ear-rapingly satisfied until a new full-length is released.


The digital EP ‘Rain City State Of Mind’ is released on September 21st and will exclusively be available on iTunes and Distort Digital. For upcoming UK tour dates visit:


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