Live Review: New Found Glory – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, August 24th 2009

nfgNew Found Glory are really taking it back a notch, playing some extremely intimate club shows before their Reading and Leeds appearances, this, however, doesn’t mean their live shows are going to be any less than the usual energy and all out fun. In tow are Kids In Glass Houses, and a bunch of strange masked superheroes they’ve brought over with them, the International Superheroes Of Hardcore. As the three (ahem) bands roll into Newcastle, we’ve gone along to check it all out, as it’s really a chance not to be missed.

The alter-egos of New Found Glory, International Superheroes of Hardcore, started the night off on a light note as they donned the stage in masks (including a Rey Mysterio replica mask sported by Chugga Chugga) and belted out their parodical hardcore fast and furiously. The majority of those watching seemed more bemused than anything, but those familiar at the front still got their fair share of obligatory hardcore-style mic grabs, as favourite tunes such as Seat Belt and Harry Potter’s Hardcore were played. Captain Straight Edge’s voice did appear to be suffering and hilarious on-stage banter was kept to a minimum, firing through their nine-song set, which lasted a total of 15-minutes, if that, as they swiftly left the stage to continue saving the world from posers and eBay wrongdoers.

Welsh rockers Kids In Glass Houses take the stage surprisingly quickly, hurling themselves into the brilliant Good Boys Gone Rad. Although, they take time to really make an impact on their audience (all but a few really bothering with a sing-a-long), things are sharpishly turned upwards for them. Aled Phillips is a brilliant frontman, conducting the crowd with admittedly a really edgy and dry humour that could be easily misinterpreted, but it’s then that the band get the crowd moving and singing along almost as if it’s their own gig. They make light work of the audience in front of them, and inspire a real cheer when they burst into old single Easy Tiger. The ‘woah-ohs’ and ‘doo-doos’ catch on to the crowd like a disease, and debuting a few new tracks into the mix, the five-piece sound as strong as ever. A great closing rendition of favourite Give Me What I Want tidies off what’s been a fantastic set. “Get ready for the best band in the world!” proclaims Aled of tonight’s headliners, and just like that, Kids In Glass Houses came, caused some major fun, and left.

It was certainly a humble contrast seeing New Found Glory gather on stage of the 400-capacity Academy 2 in Newcastle, as opposed to their usual 2000-capacity venues, as they began with Don’t Let Her Pull You Down and proceeded to storm through their epic 25-song set.

With a 12-year history and an impressive back catalogue to boot, the band were able to delve deep and pull out a few songs that don’t normally get to see the light of day, including Second To Last and Familiar Landscapes, catering to the crowd mostly filled with die-hard fans, and they responded in full force singing word-for-word throughout the entire set. Of course, they still pumped out the classics, playing anthem after anthem such as Understatement, All Downhill From Here and Something I Call Personality, mixed up with a couple of new tunes from Not Without A Fight; getting to hear 47 was an absolute treat.

Having been together for well over a decade, it is still clear that the band’s love for what they do and for each other is still strongly intact, as they had as much fun on stage as those sweating it out and singing from the top of their lungs in attendance, if not more so, powering through their set with relentless energy and enthusiasm.

Finishing with favourite, My Friends Over You, the Floridian five-piece retreated back on stage after a succession of chants wanting more, and more is certainly what the eager crowd got, as oldie Broken Sound got played for a loyal fan at the front, who has impressively seen the band 27-times and counting. The excitable crowd started yelling requests, with one fan demanding It’s Been A Summer, offering guitarist Chad Gilbert a blowjob and cheeseburger from McDonalds, and much to the delight of everyone in the room, said song was played, displaying just how down-to-earth New Found Glory are, another quality that sets them apart from the rest.

Following a six-song encore, the band went off stage for the second time after Hit or Miss, resulting in an eruption of non-stop repeated chants of “ONE MORE SONG!” bringing the band back on stage to squeeze in one more song, Sincerely Me, before the curfew. A more than satisfying end to a spectacular and flawless set from a band that continues to prove that they are indeed the kings of pop-punk and will be for a very long time, with the people of Newcastle getting more than their money’s worth tonight.

Faye (ISHC & NFG) and George (Intro & KIGH).


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