Review: InMe – Herald Moth

HeraldmothartworkLong gone are the days of stardom of Essex rockers InMe – once breaking into the mainstream charts with gems like 7 Weeks and Underdose, the band today are a changed one, albeit with a new member.

Now a four-piece, their new offering, Herald Moth, offers 12-tracks of a vastly richer sound, with a density greatly strengthened by Ben Konstantinovic‘s addition as a second guitarist. The guitar work in question is tight, precise, and really paints a picture with its constant lead-with-rhythm sounds, particularly in the brilliant Belief Revival, and new single Single Of The Weak, both of which boast a brilliant, catchy chorus well worthy of living up to the standards of those acustomed to classic InMe tunes.

Frontman Dave McPherson‘s unmistakable, accented voice sounds as strong as ever and really carries a lot of these tracks; while the lyrics are at times a bit simple, they make for some really catchy and memorable songs; there are simply no filler tracks on this record, each song is a brilliantly crafted piece of art.

While retaining it’s standard InMe sound, Herald Moth sounds so much more mature than past releases; impressive considering the band members themselves are still only in their twenties. It’s radio-friendly yet surprisingly heavy, and really brings a lot more to the table; it’s technically sound, but what the last album, the more progressive direction, Daydream Anonymous didn’t grab, Herald Moth retains the memorable qualities for single tracks, harking back to White Butterfly and strongly recieved debut Overgrown Eden, such as the simply awesome Nova Armada, which really comes out as the standout track of the album, sounding massive in verse and chorus.

InMe’s days of chart-grabbing may be behind them now, but there’s no denying they still know how to make a fantastic tune, and this new step really does them proud.


Single ‘Single of the Weak’ is out now, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Herald Moth’ out on August 31st through Graphite Records.


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