Review: Three Trapped Tigers – EP 2

tttLondon experimental trio Three Trapped Tigers‘ second EP, simply named EP 2, is four tracks of mainly instrumental noise, complete with the obligatory feedback and distortion.

It’s an intriguing affair, the first track quite a calm opening (in comparison to the rest), laden with atmospheric synths which gradually build up to quite a crescendo, complete with vocals, which do not appear in abundance over the course of the EP (this actually being the only time that they do).

The second track is a far more chaotic affair, a distorted introduction leading up to quite chunky riffs, before coming back down to the distortion and synths, which leaves the listener feeling a little disorientated, if nothing else.

The chaotic feel definitely carries through to track 3 (titled ‘8‘). It’s all over the place, but not necessarily in a bad way. If the idea was to create a wall of noise with some surprisingly melodic parts, then it was executed perfectly.

The closing track is a gentle piano piece which does sound like it might build into something more around the 3-minute mark, the build up leaving the listener waiting desperately for something massive to happen, but simply delivers a wall of feedback and distortion, before ending as it started.

Instrumental music can sometimes be very difficult to get into, but regardless of how ‘everywhere’ this EP is, it’s comparatively quite an easy listen, when compared to some others in the genre. The tracks have many layers and the music is quite complex, creating an atmospheric (in parts quite stifling) effort. Four tracks isn’t really much to go by, but due to the nature of the music, different things become apparent upon each listen that were perhaps not so obvious before; small nuances which make for a constantly interesting listening experience.


EP 2 by Three Trapped Tigers is released on August 24th through Blood and Biscuit.


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