Review: Paramore – Ignorance (Single)

ignorance single coverThe first taste of something new from Fueled By Ramen kings (and queen) Paramore since the slightly lacklustre Decode from the Twilight Soundtrack comes in the form of new single Ignorance.

On first listen, this may not sound like regular Paramore whatsoever. Yes, it’s certainly got frontwoman Hayley Williams‘ boisterous and charming vocals and, yes, it’s still quite poppy and hook-ridden, but this track is different; it features a darker, very Billy Talent-esque quality.

From the word go, its clear to see even the small things like guitar style, and the deeper, more emergency-ridden vocal talent is somewhat different. Not that that’s a bad thing; it’s edgy, it’s upbeat, and it’s certainly memorable; the repetitive chorus getting stuck in ones head thicker than glue.

If this is the new direction the Tennessee 5-pieces third full-length offering, Brand New Eyes, is going to turn out, then we can’t wait to hear more of it!


Ignorance by Paramore is set to be released in the UK on September 14th, taken from their forthcoming album Brand New Eyes, which will be released on September 28th through Fueled By Ramen.


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