Live Review: European Dominatour – Independent, Sunderland, August 12th 2009

Annotations+of+an+AutopsyThe seemingly endless European Dominatour has been snaking it’s way round the country for quite some time now, before heading into mainland Europe. Annotations Of An Autopsy head the bill, with bath death metal crew Trigger The Bloodshed, and the Reading machine known as Viatrophy. We caught up with them in Sunderland to see what all the fuss was about.

While openers Cruentus are playing to a still-gathering and somewhat feeble crowd, the sounds that erupt from vocalist Zoe Dodds‘ mouth are something which you would never expect from a young woman. It’s positively brutal stuff, and the four guys backing her up are doing it in some style, chugging riff after riff after riff, and they sound so much more promising than your average local openers. Unfortunately, polite applause is all that really seems to be garted; the night hasn’t really kicked off at all as of yet, but the band have certainly got things off to a heavy start.

Local lads Five Ways Of Asphyxiation fare better, grabbing something now resembling a real crowd, and tearing their ears out. Fair play, it’s the same music as everything else on the bill tonight, but it’s done very fast, and very energetic, and the attendance certainly get into it a lot more, the first moshpits of the night opening up the floor. They sound a lot better live than on record, faster and more powerful, and they show the huge potential of talent seeping from the north-east metal scene as they go down well.

The first of the three touring bands making this brutal moshfest a brutal moshfest, comes in the form of another gem from the massive Reading metal scene, Viatrophy. Having just released their full length debut, they positively slay. Chuggariffic, ten-ton-brick heavy, and a lot of excelling double bass to boot, the band really make an impact, the crowd really picking up more than before, and turning the venue into a real metal show. Airing new tracks from their album as well as old EP ones, they’re tight, gut busting, and powerful. Viatrophy go down exceedingly well, and rightly so.

Death metallers Trigger The Bloodshed are fast becoming one of today’s best British metal bands. They take to the stage adorned with a backdrop of gruesome new album cover artwork, and unleash a full blown assault on their crowd. Unfortunately, the sound throughout their set is criminal, and vocalist Jonny Burgan sounds somewhat muffled and drowned out. Nonetheless, the quintet sound bold, precise, and raw. New drummer Dan Wilding really adds to their live show with some fantastic drumming, and tracks from The Great Depression show just what a step up Trigger The Bloodshed have taken since their debut. The watching audience has seemingly died down for now, but the band go down extremely well, and that’s the name of the game; extreme.

Annotations Of An Autopsy seem to be today’s “scene” death metal band, but when they take to the stage, it’s clear that they are so much more than that. Their pounding, low end brutality is by far the tightest, and heaviest of the night, and it causes more than it’s fair share of flying bodies from the crowd. Like a giant wrecking machine, the five-piece deliver blow after blow, positively raping peoples ears with tracks like the incredible Human Dust, and a showcase of new material which sounds absolutely crushing. Frontman Steve Regan has the crowd in the palms of his giant hands, conducting people to move, he is a monster of a man, and his presence is really felt; his huge, deep growls sound far more ferocious in a live setting than on record, and it really adds to the dark brutality of the band, and compliments the intense, deep riffage perfectly. Both Annotations and Trigger The Bloodshed were nominated for a Metal Hammer Golden God this year, and with these performances, it’s clear to see why; they’re truly coming out as the new faces in British death metal.


To read our interview with Trigger The Bloodshed, click HERE.


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