Review: HORSE The Band – Desperate Living

cover (Small)The originators of Nintendocore are back, and they’re just as fucked up and laughable as ever. HORSE The Band‘s new offering Desperate Living, brings back the strange mix-up the band are notorious for from the very off, as opener Cloudwalker positively blasting heads.

There’s absolutely nothing new about what the five-piece are doing here, it’s exactly the same as the other four records and three EP’s, including the hilariously named Pizza EP, that they’ve put out. The great thing for them is, it still works a charm, it still raises eyebrows, and it still reminds you of Meshuggah being involved in a car crash with a Game Boy.

Humour aside, it’s interesting to note that these songs are actually very good. The title track bringing out the chunky metalcore riffs that are worth so much mosh, whilst making brilliant use of vocalist Nathan Winneke‘s harsh and completely bonkers vocal talents. The double bass breaks out in the brilliant The Failiure Of All Things and standout track HORSE The Song, and that distinctive keyboard really comes to work. Throw in a few distinctive Super Mario Bros. samples, and it makes HORSE sound like no other band.

The record, in short, is disco on crack, and it’s absolutely fantastic; sure to keep any fans they already had, and simply confundle anyone else, this record is a blinder and should be checked out by everyone; like it or not, it’s sure to leave you confused, bewildered, and in stitches. Fantastic.


Desperate Living by HORSE The Band is out on October 6th through Vagrant Records.


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