Review: Thrice – Beggars

Thrice-BeggarsCalifornian quartet Thrice have come a long way since their Island breakthrough, The Artist In The Ambulance. They started to write what they want, and out of it came the incredibly mixed-reactions of the Alchemy Index concept. Nowadays, they’ve moved away in another different direction, from which comes their sixth full-length offering, Beggars.

Intro track All The World Is Mad and slightly more upbeat follower The Weight look to step back into the roots that propelled Thrice into the mainstream, but the sad thing is, this is about as energetic as it gets, and it’s about as lively as a sleeping snail. What follows is a slow, dull and dreary assortment of what the band apparently want to be writing. None of it is all that memorable, tracks like Circles and In Exile give the sound of awful filler material, and near-to-none of these songs hold a candle to the sheer brilliance that once was.

Lead singer Dustin Kensrue sounds somewhat different throughout this record, and lacks the sound of emergency and fire that he put into the bands extensive back catalogue, save for possibly the only plus of the record, in the form of Talking Through Glass, which provides the sole step back, and breaks out the real sound of the band in some style.

Teppei Teranishi‘s distinguishable lead guitar parts are virtually non-existent, opting more for blend in semi-acoustic sounds that give off no distinction.

The record, as a whole, isn’t one to listen to on repeat, and might put Thrice fans of old off the band for good. There’s a good chance this may sound massive and beautiful live, but on record, it’s really time to question how long the band really have left, if they keep producing tripe like this.


Beggars by Thrice is released digitally on August 11th, with its physical release on September 15th through Vagrant Records.


12 Responses to Review: Thrice – Beggars

  1. Ray says:

    I love the last three paragraphs. Well said, sir.

  2. seanevansblog says:


  3. dave says:

    i’m all for having your own opinion and all but i think your last sentence is uncalled for. fair enough your not a fan of this record, but i think its out of order to question the bands choices and call it tripe!

    your reviews are just worthless if your going to overlook so much and just attack the band. bad call, bad review!

  4. Rui-an says:

    Dot Dot Curve 🙂 are better than Thrice.

  5. Oggy says:

    I know people have different opinions, but it just seems strange that you say ‘Talking Through Glass’ is the only plus of the record?! I think it’s the worst track on the album. Don’t get me wrong, I love Artist and Illusion but I much prefer their newer stuff, and love that they keep changing. They wouldn’t be Thrice if they made the same sounding albums time and time again. The thing with this album is it sounds really, really fun to play. I went and got my guitar out today to try figure out how to play ‘The Weight’, and you can tell they had fun with making the record. Another outstanding album in my opinion.

    Thrice albums in order of preference:
    1. Vheissu
    2. Beggars
    3. The Alchemy Index (all of it)
    4. Artist In The Ambulance
    5. The Illusion of Safety
    6. Identity Crisis

    Still, people are allowed to have opinions, I guess.

  6. Bryan H. says:

    I wonder if anyone has seen the pearls before swine comic on message boards.

    anyway, i respectfully disagree. I think that this music is indeed slower and sometimes on the verge of being boring, but I enjoy the fact that they’ve pulled back some of the force of their earlier work and made something much more fun to listen to. Not as deep, not as epic, maybe, but much, much more fun. It’s stuff that I could possibly play at parties without getting strange looks.

  7. Byron says:

    George = God.

  8. I love this website.

  9. George @ CTR says:

    Bryan, do offence dude, but if you played this album at a party, i’d be swiftly leaving. Unless it’s one of those lets sit down and play Trivial Pursuit parties.

  10. Jason Beaudoin says:

    Wow, most inaccurate review I’ve ever read. I’ve been a Thrice fan since Illusion and I honestly believe Beggars to be their greatest achievement. The album needs a few listens and obviously this nobody did not give the album the time of day. A truly Epic record that far exceeded my expectations, Well done Thrice, George please find a new profession for the sake of all those who enjoy music.

  11. dnat says:

    Circles as filler material!?? hahah woahhhhh. I know music is subjective in taste but I just feel bad for you if you cannot appreciate that song and this record

  12. Danny O'Brien says:

    What is wrong with you people? Can’t you discern real music that contains real heart, soul and intellect from all the meaningless garbage that is pumped out daily by the mainstream music industry?
    Thrice is one of the pioneering bands in music today. They are some of the people who are honestly committed to musical experimentation and evolving with their sound, rather than trying to slightly alter it and resell it at a different angle, much like bands in the mainstream, to keep their fanbase. Their lyrics actually mean something. It’s not about the money to them, it’s about making the music that they want to make and saying what they want to say.
    So don’t lump them in with all these bands who produce music that is stagnant and utterly meaningless.

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