Review: Dot Dot Curve :) – Everyday Is Halloween (EP)

ddcDot Dot Curve :), the alias of one Spanky Smith, released his Till The Wheels Fall Off debut in 2008 to little critical acclaim, but with a substantial fan base comprising primarily of pre-pubescent scene queens, and a grinning reviewer who really should know better. As such, Everyday Is Halloween sees Spanky taking a similar route to the one he did last time around, one of singing/screaming about ‘getting crunk’ and ‘sexing hoes up’.

Everyday Is Halloween begins with, err, Everyday Is Halloween, in which it is repeatedly proclaimed that ‘This Is Halloween’. Although it isn’t technically Halloween today, the message remains clear- Spanky doesn’t like haters.

This is a theme that is recurrent through the entirety of this EP. Every song has a pretty unrepentant formula, each as efficient and repetitive and screamo-crunk as the one before it, giving the record as a whole a lingering stench of anonymity.

The stand-out song, FuckMyLife, is as such in my opinion simply for the lyrics “The kid looks sill-ay, the kid looks sill-ay with the pouffed-up hair and the Baby Gap clothes”, and for “You silly willy baby you silly willy”. Other than that, it’s pretty much Spanky screaming “Fuck My Life” a lot.

The 3 remaining songs, B-E-A-utiful, Device and NoteToYou don’t really have anything going for them that you haven’t heard before, and you’ll tune it out as background noise soon enough.

Consequently, this is a record to which ‘pioneering’ cannot be attributed. This breaks no new ground, yet it is a record that simply doesn’t care about doing that. As previously quoted by Spanky himself, “I want everyone to roll down the street or dance in your room while bumping this shizz.” This statement, although about as gangsta as a bingo hall, sums up his music pretty adeptly. This is party music, music simply for partying down to and nothing else.

In a scene where people thought BrokeNCYDE were the pinnacle of crunk, ‘dat nigga from DDC’ aims towards having the crunk kids getting freaky to the tunes of a different douchebag.


Everyday Is Halloween is available on iTunes now.


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