Live Review: Have Heart – The Underworld, Camden, London, July 23rd 2009

Have+HeartWith a Have Heart show, you’re pretty much guaranteed an unforgettable and unmatched night of raw intensity, but add the fact of this being their last ever UK show and you just know that a really special night lies ahead.

Boston’s Shipwreck A.D. set the intensely-chaotic tone of the night perfectly with their Integrity-esque rage-filled hardcore. It was no-holds-barred, as a mass pit erupted, which almost stretched across the entire floor of The Underworld with flailing limbs and shoes flying everywhere in sight. The aggressive guitar work and pummelling drums combined with the throaty yells of vocalist J.D., during songs such as Lotus and Squall, from their debut full-length Abyss, went down a treat in Camden.

Next up on the bill, Rise and Fall, hailing from Belgium, brought just as much calamity as they unleashed their brutally powerful and metallic hardcore, gartering a fairly familiar and positive reaction from the London crowd, with songs such as The Noose resulting in a number of relentless balcony dives and a flurry of hands grabbing for the mic off vocalist Bjorn, continuing the momentum of the night well.

Finally, after much anticipation, with a selfish sense of dread felt by many inside, Have Heart took to the stage for their final UK performance. Pave Paradise opened the set with those in attendance exploding into an immediate frenzy. A good mix of tunes were belted out, with classics such as The Unbreakable and straight edge anthem Something More Than Ink alongside a healthy dose of new from Songs To Scream At The Sun including Bostons and Brotherly Love, which had the devoted 500-strong in the dingy Underworld sing, scream, sweat, and bleed every word.

Naturally, stage dives were aplenty, from both fans and front man alike, with vocalist Pat Flynn flinging himself into the emotionally-charged crowed on numerous occasions, despite still feeling the effects of food poisoning from a few days prior, he acted and sounded on top-form.

Following typical set closer Watch Me Rise, the pumped-up crowd persistently and adamantly insisted on one more song and one more song is what they got, from a band normally too modest to do any sort of ‘encore’. That is, after Pat engaged the crowd in a heartfelt speech about his involvement in the hardcore scene, leading into final song and old favourite Lionheart, causing the crowd to go ecstatic; a pleasant surprise to end an incredible and memorable performance, from a band that brings such a unique and genuine sincerity to the hardcore scene, a sincerity that will most definitely be missed.


An interview with Pat Flynn, vocalist of Have Heart, will be up soon.


One Response to Live Review: Have Heart – The Underworld, Camden, London, July 23rd 2009

  1. adifferentsongtohear says:

    Even taking away the fact it was Have Heart’s final ever UK show, which added another level of sentimentality, it was probably the best gig I’ve been to this year.

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