Review: August Burns Red – Constellations

abrPennsylvania’s August Burns Red have really stepped up their game with new offering Constellations, and straight from intro track Thirty And Seven, their music sounds mesmerising and positively brutal.

What makes this record different to previous attempt Messengers, is that although it’s the same music from the same band, Constellations tends to keep your focus and interest a lot better. The soft intro to Marianas Trench and White Washed is something fresh and new that you wouldn’t find on Messengers, whilst still remaining punishing. While Rationalist offers balls-out breakdown, double bass, and carnage to tear at the eardrums.

There’s a lot of different sounds in this album; metalcore, straight-up rock, and even death metal, can all be found somewhere, all accompanied by frontman Jake Luhrs‘ incredibly powerful voice which works wonders for the band.

While this is a great effort, you can’t help but get somewhat bored of the record at least by the second half; the lack of any real melody can grind after a short while. Although, it is impressive work, and certainly an improvement, showing August Burns Red are definitely stepping in the right direction, this might not appeal to many more than the already converted, or anyone who just likes massive breakdowns and loud, fast music.

The band is set to tour with Bring Me The Horizon and A Day To Remember in the Autumn and this record is sure to win them a lot of fans from that cut of cloth.


Constellations is released on 17th August through Hassle Records, you can pre-order from HERE.


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