Review: Eye Alaska – Genesis Underground

eyealaEye Alaska had put up an album teaser on their MySpace which did as a teaser should do – grab the attention of listeners to anticipate the arrival of the OC quintet’s new album Genesis Underground.

A step forward from their debut EP, Yellow & Elephant, shows singer Brandon Wronski fulfilling his mission of wanting to be part of the movement of which he coined the term of this; the first of hopefully many moves into breaking the mould of which seems to barricades the creativity of the underground faction.

The unobvious concept album serves up songs which, if done by any other artist, would sound as if they wouldn’t be on the same album. Well, maybe a compilation album of some sorts. All are backed by orchestral instrumentation that easily could have made the album sound ostentatious but makes the intensity of which it hits your ears even more gratifying.

The spoken word track Star Pilot, is the point in which the songs begin to pivot onto the ‘down’ section of the up and down section which the album follows. The Legion Night, although being the shortest song is definitely the most ominous which makes it a good thing that Good To Go then picks up the from the eerie end to bring back a somewhat happier sound.

Miles Don’t Mean Anything could have been left as it was with just vocals and an acoustic guitar but then it could have been scrutinized as one of the -for lack of a more appropriate word- ‘weaker’ tracks. Attempting to concentrate on other things whilst listening to tracks such as My Soul, My Surrender is pretty much futile as it reiterates the phrase “we want the airwaves back.”

Eye Alaska don’t play it safe because suffice to say, this could have easily turned out to sound like a mess of genres, an ignorant inconstancy to stick to one ‘sound’. No one quite knew what to expect from Genesis Underground, however, those who heavily anticipated its arrival were correct with the visceral instinct that this was indeed going to be an album that exceeded the clouded expectations of all; even more so if you had no idea know what to expect.

Genesis Underground by Eye Alaska is out now on Fearless Records.



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