Review: Winch House – The High Cost Of Low Living

whfrontcpverThe debut release from Welsh pop-punk crew Winch House sees them try to catch a break with album The High Cost Of Low Living. It’s got to be said, for a band that has been around for only a year, this record starts with quite a bang, which you wouldn’t expect from a band still in its youth stages, as opening track You’ll Never Get Back In (With The Sick Kidz) takes a core-ish gang vocal, a heart-warming guitar duel and, for the best part, sounds promising.

What really seems to be the major downfall with the record though, is that Winch House have essentially taken all the right ingredients and have done absolutely nothing different to anyone else who’s already done it better. There’s a familiar sounding high-pitched Welsh tongue that honestly can not match up half as well as the likes of fellow countrymen Save Your Breath, and tends to get somewhat annoying – fast. Furthermore, there’s an all and out hint of double bass and breakdowns that can’t even start to be compared to the easily more energetic and capturing Me vs. Hero.

The melodies are definitely in the right place; a lot of these tunes stick in your head, there’s repetition which really makes the lyrics have a real staying quality. The record does redeem itself with this quality, it can’t be faulted – Let Me In and Youz A Lyin’ Lion are prime examples, quite delicious sing-a-longs.

The band obviously have a lot of time ahead of them to craft themselves for future writing and releases and this record should see them through until then. However, if they want to stand any chance of catching up to their fellow Welsh countrymen in the pop-punk hot-bed, they’re going to need to re-think their strategy, get themselves in gear, and add their own flavour to really step it up a notch.


The High Cost Of Low Living is out on July 7th.

For more on Winch House visit:


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