Review: Millionaires – Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid (EP)

From the days of messing around on Garageband to getting signed by Decaydance Records, the MySpace scene queens – consisting of, sisters, Melissa Marie and Allison Green, and friend, Dani Artaud – have accumulated a huge fan base within the short time they have existed, with sold out headline tours under their belt.

However, during this period, the Huntington Beach trio have also gathered just as many ‘haters’. In fact, you probably already have an opinion on the so-called ‘female version of BrokeNCYDE’. To put it simply, Millionaires are a group that you will either love or hate.

Their debut release on Decaydance, Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid, contains five addictively trashy and jaw-droppingly outrageous tracks, most of which will be familiar to any long-time Millionaires fan, as it’s basically a repackaging of their debut EP, Bling Bling Bling, but with a noticeable improvement in production quality.

Following a minute-long skit, the EP kicks off with new single Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid. Having previously admitted to wanting to go “mainstream”, this song is a reflection of their aspirations, as we see the girls taking a more hip-hop, radio-friendly approach, including a slight tone-down in the amount of profanity they usually spout. Despite that, it is by far their strongest song to date and certainly won’t disappoint. The song sees the girls respond to their ‘haters’ and the criticism they receive in a light-hearted manner, humorously bragging, “Can you believe I get paid to shake my ass on stage / For getting drunk everyday / And you’re making minimum wage.”

Their biggest hit Alcohol is next up, inviting you to get “fucked up” with the borderline alcoholic threesome, two of whom aren’t even of legal age in their home country. The catchy electro beats, synth keys and provocative lyrics provide an anthem for rebellious teens everywhere. While some may claim that Millionaires’ lyrics lack substance, this can be argued in Alcohol, as Allison is generous enough to spell out ‘alcohol’ on numerous occasions throughout. We all know that ‘alcohol’ is one of those words that is a bitch to spell, just like ‘definitely’, but after hearing it repeatedly spelt out in this song, it is now etched in my mind forever. This proves that not only can Millionaires churn out songs catchier than swine flu, and vastly more fun, but they can also be educational.

The production of, the song that started it all, I Like Money, has also been given a subtly slick makeover. This dance smash talks smack about “plastic” girls and warns them, “watch your boys, we’re here to play” as they brazenly demand the boys in the club to “take me home, rough me up, no one’s here, so let’s just fuck.” This is just one example of their feisty and admirable attitude of not giving a fuck and living life, which is shown throughout the EP.

The infamous Talk Shit manages to score a place on the EP, and is a brash and colourful response to their “haters”, done in typical Millionaires-style, of course – an onslaught of aggressively vulgar language, such demure and ladylike lyrics include, “Shut up, cunt, I’ll cut your tongue / Back down, bitch, you’re fucking done.”

The EP ends with I Move It, an electro-laced club banger that would most definitely destroy the dance floor, if given the opportunity. This reworked version is a mass improvement of the original version and although, 5-minutes, 37-seconds in length, it does anything but drag, as the infectious and thumping club beats leave you wanting more.

There are some out there who claim that Millionaires are “ruining music”, but all Just Get Paid, Let’s Get Laid does is demonstrate three young women having fun, producing super catchy, tongue-in-cheek tunes, and if you find that so offensive, I suggest you need to lighten up. This is music not to be taken seriously, it’s harmless party music.

Whether you like it or not, Millionaires are, indeed, here to stay and I’m sincerely looking forward to hearing their upcoming full-length.


Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid EP is now available on iTunes for only $1.99.

Check out the new video for Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid, HERE.

For more on Millionaires visit:


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