Review: Casting Curses – Heartificial (EP)

castingcursesIn a year where creative hardcore seems to be springing up everywhere with the rise of potent future hardcore forces taking the realms of former retiring kings, ingenuity and originality – which had seemed to have peeked not so long – seems to be leaping up from everywhere, each time throwing a different spanner into the works of a genre which was seen to be dead.

Casting Curses‘ second E.P. Heartificial delivers a short burst of ill-tempered hardcore with elements of punk and traces of metal which definitely deserves to be counted as a new wave of blistering, exciting hardcore. A seemingly short offering – its only two songs long, in fact – the E.P. combines a shattering vocal delivery and a blizzard of groove lead, big riffs hardcore.

Opener Hey Disbeliever kicks in with a monstrous force of chuggy guitars and an uncompromising vocal assault, reminiscent of the punk offerings of heavyweights Gallows, with hints of Norma Jean axe action. The track continues in the mould of a powerful mid-tempo force with distorted and aching riffs, without the need for any awkwardly placed breakdowns or unnecessary hardcore clichés.

Change the Lights opens in a stylistic brutal hardcore style with a despairing deep riff, which draws comparisons to Trapped under Ice. Shattering cries of “You Keep Fucking Up My Life”, ring out the end of the equally as impressive but shorter of the two tracks.

There’s certainly a lot of optimism to be taken from Casting Curses second offering. The production is slicker than bands of similar calibre and the gimmicks of low-fi vocals are avoided and instead are replaced with an impressive mix of melody and force. You can only wonder how the quality of the tracks on show can in Heartificial can be kept up for a full-length L.P, only time will tell but for now Heartificial will hopefully provide a taste for what’s to be expected of Casting Curses and there no nonsense take on hardcore punk. The E.P is solid offering from the New York outfit and Casting Curses are most definitely ones to keep an eye on.


– Marco.

Heartificial is available from Casting Curses’ webstore found HERE.

For more on Casting Curses visit:


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