Interview: BrokeNCYDE

bcccccWe recently caught up with the notorious BrokeNCYDE on their debut run of the UK in Sunderland. We talked their haters, Kerrang!’s opinion, the ‘Buddy Nielsen incident’, and we got a bit crunk in the process, here’s what they had to say…

Faye: Can you say your names and what you do in BrokeNCYDE?
Mikl: Yeah, I’m Mikl, I hype and I sing.
Se7en: I’m Se7en, I rap, scream, and write the lyrics.
Antz: I’m Antz, I do the light shows and hype.

Faye: Where does the name Se7en come from?
Se7en: It’s like a nickname I grew up with.
Mikl: It means ‘bitch’ in English. [laughs]
Se7en: It’s an old graffiti thing.

Faye: How come Phat J isn’t on the tour?
Mikl: He had a baby a couple of weeks ago, so he’s back at home.

George: Did you all grow up together in Albuquerque?
Mikl: Me and Antz are brothers, but we’ve known Se7en for a long time.
Faye: How did you meet Phat J?
Mikl: We found him on MySpace.
Se7en: Phat J was a fan.
Mikl : Yeah, he used to be a fan of Se7en’s old music .
Se7en: Then we partied and connected. [laughs]

George: It’s your first time in the UK, how are you finding it?
Mikl: It’s fucking amazing, we’ve loved every second of it, the people here are beautiful and we can’t wait to come back.
Faye: What’s the reaction been like towards you over here?
Mikl: It’s crazy, to be in a whole different country, 5000-miles away from home and to have people still supporting us, with 200/300 kids at a show, it’s a blessing, we don’t take it for granted, we appreciate everything.

Faye: How would you describe your music? I’ve heard a bunch of names thrown around like ‘crunkcore’ and ‘screamo-crunk’…
Se7en: We try to call it ‘crunkcore’, it’s like our own thing.
Mikl: Trying to start our own kind of genre.
Se7en: It’s supposed to be absolutely different from everybody.

George: You’ve got a new album coming out on June 16th, I’m Not A Fan, But The Kids Like It, can you tell us a little bit about it? What can we expect from it?
Mikl: It’s amazing, girls will love it, guys will love it, like there’s hard songs for the guys to get crazy to and then there’s songs for the girls to get sexy to.

Faye: On your new single Booty Call, you collaborated with E-40, how did that come about?

Mikl: I guess he just kind of believed in what we were doing, and he wanted to help us out and try something new.

Faye: There’s a lot of negativity towards BrokeNCYDE, how do you feel about that?
Mikl: We don’t care!
Faye: Some people say that you and bands like Millionaires are destroying music, have you got any words for them?
Mikl: It’s just simple, if you don’t like us, don’t listen.

George: What were your thoughts on Buddy from Senses Fail talking shit about you guys on the Saints and Sinners Tour in the US a few months ago?
Mikl: We don’t care, all he’s doing is just promoting us. We’re here to make our fans happy, and that’s all we care about, we’re not here to bash other people. We’re here to do our jobs.
Faye: That’s where I can respect people like you and Millionaires more, because you hear all these bands talking crap about you, but I’ve never heard you talk bad about anyone.
Mikl: That’s ‘cause we’re professional and if you’re a musician you don’t do that, you respect all kinds of music and if you don’t like it, you just stay quiet. I’m sure there’s a lot more bands that hate us but they don’t go out and say it, y’know? But at the same time, I don’t know if it’s because a lot of their fans are starting to like us, I don’t really know what it is, but we really don’t care, people can say whatever. All they’re doing is keeping BrokeNCYDE in everyone’s mouths.

Faye: Was it awkward touring with Buddy? Did he ever talk to you in person?
Mikl: No, he didn’t talk to us. There was one time that he hung out in our bus…
Antz: Yeah, tell them about that, everyone needs to know this, I want them to know.
Mikl: He went out on the bus and…
Antz: He tried to act all tough with us and our bus driver choked him out, and he passed out on our floor.
Mikl: He tapped out or something because he was getting choked out.
Antz: That was a funny story, that’s the way we met him because he got choked out, if it wasn’t for that and we weren’t like, “Hey, are you alright?” we wouldn’t have met him.
Mikl: Yeah, that’s the only time we ever talked to him, and after that, he just didn’t like what we were doing.

Faye: A lot of bands have jumped on the bandwagon, talking shit about you, like Thursday, for example, have there been any bands that you’ve especially been disappointed in or were fans of?
Mikl: Yeah, all those bands that are bashing us we used to love, we looked up to, and when you see a hero or someone that you love and enjoy, and you used to pay to go to their shows, then they do that, you’re like, “Wow!” Because you were once a fan and for them to go and do that, it’s just like they called a fan.

Faye: We interviewed Hollywood Undead a couple of weeks ago, and they said that they have never met a single hater in person, is that true for you? Do you find that most people just hide behind their computers and talk shit? Or have people gave you abuse in person?

Mikl: Most people just talk shit on the internet, there’s times when they talk shit but nothing ever happens, but there’s been times when we’ve had to fight guys straight up because they followed us and they wanted to fight, so it went down. But it’s just music, if you don’t like it, don’t listen, don’t go to the extremes, because some bad shit could happen, you never know, life is crazy.

Faye: Some people have said that your music is misogynistic and sexist towards women…
Antz: We’re just talking about life, stuff that happens every day.
Mikl: Yeah, it’s like guys say it about girls every day, it’s not just, “Oh, BrokeNCYDE says it!” We’re saying what people are afraid to say, girls say it too. We’re just speaking the truth, it happens at parties we’re at, we’ve heard stories about what happens and it’s not just BrokeNCYDE, it’s life. All these bands that bash us for our music, I’m sure a lot of those people have done crazy things at these parties, on their own time, but they’re not gonna go out and say it, but we’re saying what’s happening. Girls enjoy it too because it’s fun music, we’re not trying to bash women, power to the women and men. Our music is party music, it’s that simple.

Faye: Do you find that people change their opinions of you after they’ve been to a live show?
Mikl: Oh, yeah, so many people, like we know there’s people that used to love Senses Fail and on that last tour fucking hated us, but when they saw us live, they came up to us and were like, “Dude, I don’t respect what Buddy was doing, but what you guys are doing is totally amazing.” We put our hearts on stage, every drip of sweat is for our fans, to have fun. You’ll see tonight how crazy we get, it’s different, when you hear our music you’re like, “Yeah, this is cool.” but when you see us live, it’s something you can shake your ass to if you’re a girl and something you can mosh to if you’re a dude. It’s a different experience, especially at home when we have the crazy light show with lasers, it just boggles your mind.

George: What’s the Mothers Against BrokeNCYDE website about?
Mikl: I don’t know.
Antz: That’s a fake site, dude.
Mikl: Yeah, none of those things we have ever said, none of those things are facts, it’s just some douchebag that talks shit. From what I hear, the guy that made that site and bashes us, and hates everything we do, but he follows Jeffree Star on Twitter or something, it’s like you’re a hypocrite.

Faye: So, the Mothers Against BrokeNCYDE website wasn’t a publicity stunt by your management?

Mikl: No, I say this every night on stage, we’re not here for money, we’re not here for fame, we’re here for our fans. We’re entertainers, we come here to entertain and to have fun, and that’s it, plain and simple, we don’t care about publicity. They’re doing it on their own.
Antz: We’re just here to be with our friends and have fun.

Faye: Did you see the two-page spread in Kerrang! a few months ago, about ‘screamo-crunk’, calling it the “worst genre ever”, bashing you and  a number of other bands?
Mikl: Yeah, thumbs up, Kerrang!. The thing is, that genre, crunkcore, we’re the only band that’s really promoting crunkcore, because we made it. A lot of bands that they bashed, I feel bad because they’re all talented and they’re amazing, it’s just stupid for people to bash, but that’s life, everybody’s a critic.

George: This week’s issue of Kerrang! gave your new album the lowest possible rating they can give, and gave a load of personal attacks on fans.
Mikl: I haven’t heard about it.
Faye: Would you like to read it?
Mikl: I guess, this will be good, but honestly, they can bash us all they want, we really don’t care.

[We hand them Kerrang!’s review of their new album to read.]

Antz: They’re, of course, going to give us a 1K, they don’t like us.
Mikl: You can bash BrokeNCYDE and we don’t care, but you really need to reassess yourself as a person if you’re bashing other people like our fans, because it’s not really cool. You can say, “Fuck me!” and I don’t care, but when they’re bashing people who pay to see you and support you, that’s where you’re fucking up. You have no right as a person to do that, that really pisses me off because we love our fans and people, in general, you don’t do that. Like us, I don’t give a fuck, we laugh it off, but that angers me because we love our fans and to do that, it’s not fucking cool, it’s bashing people like you. That’s just stupid. They can suck my dick right now, because I’m really pissed off, you don’t fucking do that, it’s really unprofessional. Kerrang! can keep saying whatever they want about us, cool, thank you, but don’t bash people who are fans.

George: You’re doing Warped Tour this year, are you excited?
Mikl: Yeah, it’ll be a different experience, especially with a lot of the bands who don’t like us.
Faye: Are you preparing yourselves for those bands to talk bad about you on Warped Tour?
Mikl: We’re used to it, it’s no big deal. All their doing is making us bigger and it sucks because we used to love them, and we still respect them because it’s music and music is beautiful, but at the same time it’s really unprofessional and not cool. I’m sure they went through it and they didn’t enjoy it at all.

Faye: How do you feel about the Loud Hawk Press plea, calling for people to boycott Warped Tour because you’re playing it?
Mikl: That’s really stupid and childlike, if you want to not play Warped Tour or people don’t want to go, cool, we’re still gonna do it.
Antz: It’s dumb.
Mikl: Yeah, if bands are saying they’re gonna boycott, you look really unprofessional and you’re not caring about your fans. We’re just some band, well, not a band, we’re a group, we love everybody and we just love to have fun. If they want to boycott it, then whatever, whatever rocks their boat.

Faye: I’ve heard you’re sharing a bus with Millionaires during Warped, are you excited about that?

Mikl: Yeah, they’re really good people, they’re super amazing girls, it’ll be fun, we always have fun with them.
Faye: Apparently, they’ve signed to Decaydance…
Mikl: We haven’t really talked to them, our phones don’t work out here, so it’s really hard to contact anybody, but if they did, then hell yeah, exciting.

Faye: You’re coming back to the UK in August for one headline show in London…
Mikl: I think we’re coming back to Europe for a festival, I think Lowlands, and then we’re doing a show in London, so we’re excited. Then we’ll be coming back again for 5-weeks to do a tour, I think in Europe, but I’m not exactly sure, it’s in the works still, October/November maybe.

Faye: What are you getting up to when you go back to the US?
Mikl: I think we have like 5 or 6 days off, I’m gonna go home, see my girlfriend in Utah, these guys are gonna party like crazy.
Se7en: I’ll be getting in the hot tub, bro. [laughs]

Faye: What else is in the future for BrokeNCYDE?
Mikl: Non-stop touring, we’re probably gonna die on the road. We do Warped Tour, have a few weeks off and then we come back, just touring forever, everything will be on our MySpace.

George: Change the record, who should we be listening to?
Mikl: We’re all different.
Antz: I like Portishead, and like Sneaker Pimps and stuff.
Mikl: IAMX is amazing, we love a lot of bands from here, y’know? They love Crystal Castles, I love Muse, but I listen to rap and everything really. We’ve just been jamming out to a lot of bands from here.

George: Is there anything else you want to add?
Mikl: Just that we love our fans more than anything and that we support all music, we want to thank our crunk kids and everybody that supports us.

BrokeNCYDE’s new album I’m Not A Fan, But The Kids Like It is released on June 16th on BreakSilence Recordings, you can pre-order it from HERE!

For more on BrokeNCYDE visit:


7 Responses to Interview: BrokeNCYDE

  1. Samantha anny leah caissie says:

    OMG!!! Mikl add me on facebook your auesome and your the best singer ever. Some day im going to get married to you!!

  2. samm says:

    How old are you Mikl??

  3. samm says:

    omg add me on facebook-“samantha anny leah caissie” you guys are my favorite singers ever

  4. Vanessa says:

    Amen Brokencyde!
    Fuck the haters!

  5. Cami says:

    Well…I don’t really like the music…but I get why people do. I love 3OH!3 and some of 3OH!3’s songs, like “Holler Till You Pass Out” and “Chokechain” and “Punkb*tch” remind me a bit of BrokeNCYDE. So I respect that. And I like their attitudes. They’re like the poster children of Stick Up For Your Shit And Don’t Take Any…

  6. Crunkkidd says:

    Awh(: i absolutley adore BrokeNCYDE and i always will. they all seem really cool. i love their music and i love how they take up for their fans first. i love you guys(: ❤ and i think its pree cool me and Antz have the same last name(: haha

  7. XtraELITE says:

    i love brokenCYDE any other fans in america add me on facebook! Zoe Payne-moye !!!!

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