Review: Enter Shikari – Common Dreads

escomBig things have been expected from St. Albans quartet Enter Shikari following their impressively received debut, Take To The Skies.

With Common Dreads, you find all the usual components the band rely on; the happy hardcore-esque synth, Rou Reynolds‘ belting screams, but with this comes a lot of changes, with more spoken (or shouted) word, demonstrated in, Solidarity; providing a fun time dance, with an awesome breakdown to boot.

The problem is, the lack of real singing any more really takes the edge off of some of these otherwise perfect songs. Step Up is a good example of a sing-along, more guitar-driven than many of the other tracks.

While the album doesn’t lack catchy hooks, it fails to provide any real stand-out tracks, a lot sounding just like filler material, a similar problem had with their debut. It’s fair to say Enter Shikari have expanded their horizons and made an impressive record, but the real question is, how big is it’s shelf life?


Common Dreads is out on June 15th on Ambush Reality.


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