Live Review: Saving Aimee – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, June 7th 2009

savingaimeePop-youngsters Twenty Twenty are gartering cheers from the mainly female contingent of the packed out crowd tonight before they’ve even hit the stage; for a relatively unknown band, they’re pretty highly anticipated.

They come onstage to a rapturous applaud, and get straight down to it – pop-rock-laiden tunes with a charming edge open the floor and start some pits near the back right from the off. The fans closest to the three boys onstage must feel like they’re watching the Jonas Brothers; the amount of adoration in their eyes wouldn’t tell any different at either gig. Twenty Twenty play well, for a band that’s only really starting to put a foot onto any sort of radar, but you can’t help but wonder why this band, and not one of the hundreds of other bands doing the same thing, possibly better.

Canadian export The Mission District bring a more dancier approach to the room; perhaps more in touch with Saving Aimee than their predecessors, they crank out their synth-ridden pop rock in style, and engage in a jump-and-banter with the crowd, who lap them up like sweet sweet candy. Many people here tonight seem to be familiar with the band infront of them, singing along to most of the lyrics in glee. Maybe it’s the fact that after this tour, they’ll be heading out with pop-rock favourites Elliot Minor for a nationwide trek. (Something which they waste no time in pointing out; Bassist Teddy Hetherton in attendance tonight) A cover of man/woman Lady GaGa’s just dance goes down a treat, more-so than their actual tracks themselves, it may seem.

Saving Aimee hit the stage circa quarter to ten, and set the room alight like some kind of magic almost imminently. Dance anthems like We’re The Good Guys and High Fives All Around contrast somewhat to the more rock, solo-driven Small Talk, (Which is proven so popular with the crowd tonight, the band play it again for an unexpected encore) but each song goes down with aplomb; frontman Luke Quinn losing more than the odd t-shirt during the proceedings.

While each song has charm and catchy hooks, there’s still a lot to be desired from their live act. Some parts sound slightly sloppy – added microphone trouble doesn’t help, either. Nonetheless, the crowd barely notice, amid the mass singalongs had; an amazing sight for a band that has yet to release any sort of record.

There seems like a lot of kids here tonight who are witnessing their first gig; the six boys onstage have made sure it’s a night they’re hardly ever to forget.



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