Live Review: BrokeNCYDE – Sunderland, Independent, June 9th 2009

bcIt’s fair to say there are a lot of people who might turn up to one of the many dates on BrokeNCYDE‘s debut tour of the UK just for laughs, curiosity, or something to do, but considering that, there’s a pretty impressive turn out of genuine fans tonight, pretty much packing out the Independent.

Local lads It’s Our Time Now take to the stage first, and start things off with their powerpop mix-up. They play out a modest set, sounding far better tonight than in recent times and it shows; the crowd lap it up, and mass clap-a-longs are enjoyed. While unfortunately, there isn’t much movement beyond that, the band round off their set with new song It’s Getting To The Point, which boasts a great, fun chorus to it, and they’ve definitely warmed the crowd up.

Cure The Disaster are up next, and frankly they sound a shambles tonight. They don’t sound synced, tight, together, at all tonight, and while their songs do pack some punch, and get the crowd moving, you can’t help but ask yourself why. The traded clean/harsh vocals sound messy, the guitar-work even more so, and ultimately really affects their performance tonight.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Newcastle metallers This Is Divine really bring the house down. Their insane, scream driven noise and dual guitars is received brilliantly, and everything is so tight; packing a real punch and starting the first proper moshpits of the evening. They stab at the ears with their tunes, and as soon as you get right into them, their set is over, quick as a flash. They came, they delivered, they left.

Welsh pop-punkers and recent Slam Dunk peoples choice winners Winch House have a tough act to follow; they do so in some style. While not as tight and together as their predecessor, their core-y brand of pop punk leaves a big mark on the crowd, engaging in some lethal moshpitting and dancing from a now strong audience in front of them. They provide a satisfactory warm up to the main event…

BrokeNCYDE take to the stage, and it’s obvious this really is the only reason people turned up tonight. Curious onlookers stay at the back, hardcore fans, mostly female make up the front, and people who just want to “get crunk” stay right in the middle.

While Se7en, Mikl, and Antz are missing keyboardist Phat J and are reduced to simply karaoke-ing from backing tracks, it’s nonetheless a blistering effort. Everyone is in full dance, everyone knows the lyrics, especially that of notorious track from their new album, Freaxxx.

The three guys onstage seemingly love their audience, and engage in lots of crowd banter, constantly demanding participation, and they’re not disappointed, as the room is turned into a party.

A downside is the lack of a real set, playing only 7 songs, (brilliantly played songs at that) but regardless, they manage to bring the house down, and do it in style.

Haters beware; if BrokeNCYDE are this good live without a fourth member, and singing to stereo beats, said haters are going to have to have a long, hard think about perhaps changing that decision.


Stay tuned for our interview with BrokeNCYDE to be posted very soon!


3 Responses to Live Review: BrokeNCYDE – Sunderland, Independent, June 9th 2009

  1. Harry says:

    Hey I’ve read your review. I feel you are right in saying that cure the disaster set wasn’t all that, however I feel you have neglected to mention about the problems the band had on stage with guitarists lead being broken. Also this is devine I thought were rubbish and can’t see how they are getting they exposer

  2. Faye @ CTR says:

    The guitarist’s lead being broken was the least of their problems. The vocals… Jesus Christ.

  3. George @ CTR says:

    Are you kidding? This Is Divine were fantastic, they were tight, they got the crowd going, they did it without the bullshit, and they played great.

    I didn’t actually notice the lead being broken, but hey…next time how about you come and write a better review. 🙂

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