Review: Summerlin – So Make Your Move (EP)

summerlinFresh from Yorkshire comes Leeds 5-piece Summerlin‘s debut EP, So Make Your Move. Considering the band have only been as they are for a year, it’s really impressive stuff listening to what a tight and catchy band they are on record.

Watch You Dance oozes a sing-a-long with its first few lines and a really soaring chorus, while the somewhat heavier, more guitar driven I Call The Shots offers all the ‘Woahs‘ a band like this should deem mandatory.

The four songs are smothered in a smart synth drenching; thankfully they just manage to stay within the boundaries, and don’t stray away from their pop-punk roots, avoiding sounding something like Metro Station.

This is a firm, fun offering from the band, and fans of Paige and All Time Low should adore this EP. A really good introduction to a band that is soon to take right off!


So Make Your Move is out on June 15th, you can pre-order it now from Summerlin’s official online store, HERE!

For more on Summerlin visit:


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