Live Review: Wonky Pop Tour – O2 Academy, Newcastle, May 30th 2009

flamThe nationwide Wonky Pop Tour has hosted the likes of Alphabeat in recent years, and this time it rolls into Newcastle to play host to Flamboyant Bella and Example. As doors roll around, there’s one major flaw in the gig tonight; there’s not really anyone here. Newcastle’s Academy 1 room holds a maximum capacity of 2000. Tonight, fifty-five people adorn the front barrier.

Nonetheless, indie-tykes Dead Seas take to the stage, and you can’t help but feel sorry for them. This sense of emptiness must really be somewhat of an embarrassment, regardless, they brave their set, churning out some draggish indie rock tunes, accompanied by an interesting companion in a saxophone, and are greeted with a polite applause, granted it’s from only a handful of people. They cut their set short after several songs, and what seems a shame is that the crowd really doesn’t care.

The audience definitely builds up for southern synth-poppers Flamboyant Bella. Taking to the stage, they immediately have many girls in the room faux-raving and jumping about to their quirky tunes, a great reaction coming from new single Abbi, and old favourite Crazy Cool. It seems most people are here purely for closer Absolutely Wankered, which drags people down to the floor, giving them around a hundred-and-fifty strong crowd.

There’s nothing wrong with how Flamboyant Bella play tonight, because granted, they play really well, but the energy is simply not there, in such a big room, they look forgotten and helpless, and in short, this gig is an utter disappointment, in which I took my leave before Example took to the stage, as did many people who followed suit.



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