Live Review: My Passion, O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, June 4th 2009

mypassionpSo, My Passion seem to like the North East, they’ve been to Newcastle three times now, in only the past 3-and-a-bit months, and it may be down to the fact people are queueing as early as 8am today for a good spot, is why the London quartet like playing up here so much.

Starting off tonights preceedings in a slowly packing and somewhat dingy Academy 2, is local synth-pop hybrid Taste Of Your Kiss. While their songs pack energy, it’s like the band are trying to emulate Four Year Strong, all fake American accents and double bass smitterings. It’s sad to see that nobody really cares about their set. Demands from the band are ignored, there is but one ten second shove of a mosh, and you can’t help but feel there’s no real point to them tonight.

The crowd gathers significantly for female-fronted pop-rock outfit 3 Ways Of Thinking, who finally get proceedings off to a start. The kids gathered tonight seem to “dig” the joyful tunes of the band, they play pretty well for locals, but it’s a real shame they didn’t stick to their own material, positively murdering a cover of You Me At Six’s Save It For The Bedroom with some really sloppy playing and a piss-poor attempt at Josh Francesci’s Surrey accent. Nonetheless, they get possibly the biggest cheer of the night, regardless of their set seeming to really drag to those uninterested.

Pop-punk quartet My Extraordinary round off the local support, and are by far the better band of the three tonight, sounding pretty tight and sending the young, mostly female crowd ecstatic with joy at a cover of All Time Low’s Dear Maria, Count Me In, which in all fairness, isn’t too bad. Their own tunes have a catch to them, but all three bands need to really step up their game to be headlining this kind of show one day.

Leeds synth-ridden 5-piece Summerlin take to the stage to an uproar; a really impressive entrance that bursts into song; true, there’s not much of a crowd really gathered at this point, but those who are present witness a tight live band, frontman Drew Lawson‘s vocals are excellent and positively oozing the same joy the band show on record. Speaking of which, the group plaster their set with tracks from new EP So Make Your Move, accompanied by a cover of Flo-Rida’s Low which goes down a storm with tonights audience. This band are certainly one for future reference, it’s only a matter of time before a smattering of young girls get their ears wrapped around these delicious tunes.

Tonight’s headliners have been hotly anticipated all gig; the first three rows have not moved a muscle, so as to keep as good a space as they can to see My Passion. They take to the stage in some form; they literally blind with a disco-esque light show, and set about their work crashing into new album track Play Dirty.

They go down with the crowd from the off, (even though there’s not really many people left in the room at this point) and for a band that seem to rely on image quite a lot, there’s no denying what a tight live band My Passion really are. You can’t help but be impressed by their sheer presence onstage, and their tightness as a group.

Their songs really vary, from the slow, and somewhat beautiful Winter For Lovers, to the crunching, more rock-orientated Hot In The Dolls House.

The girls in the front row, especially, adore the four men in front of them, and frontman Laurence Rene has his crowd in his hands like putty tonight, interacting especially well.

The only downside tonight might be that if one band was cut off the bill, My Passion would be able to play more material, but it’s not to be, a slightly short set leaves all still in the room positively begging for more, until next time, which given their track record, can’t be too far away. A solid performance.



57 Responses to Live Review: My Passion, O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, June 4th 2009

  1. mr mr says:

    Another My Passion review. didnt you have one abit ago.

  2. Faye says:

    In April, yes. What’s the problem of another one?

  3. George @ CTR says:

    we review most gigs we attend. people do attend a gig to see a band more than once on the odd occasion you know.

  4. Kris says:

    If by imitating Josh’s Surrey accent you mean our singer’s accent, then I’m glad to know you think Surrey is in the USA.

    To be honest mate, if I’d handed a review of this standard in for my A Level piece, I’d have gotten really poor marks.

    Thankfully I didn’t 😉

  5. Faye @ CTR says:

    Well, of course, it’s written poorly, you got a shit review… Oh, God, it’s like Impulse 11 all over again. Bands, particularly, local bands really need to learn how to take criticism, we’re not here to arselick and boost your ego, potter over to your MySpace for that. George was just being honest, and, remember, that’s only one person’s opinion.

    However, I’d like to add that I was also at the gig, and the cover was indeed hideous.

  6. michael says:

    im sorry, but i was at the gig, and how on earth were 3 Ways ‘Shit’? not sticking to their own material? they did 1!!!! cover, which summerlin did as well, and tbh, ALOT of major bands do. i have seen you me at six 3 times, and i think 3 Ways’ version of ‘save it’ was far superior. on top of the fact that their singer is 14??

    further more upon leaving the gig i overheard My Passions guitarist, John, talking to 3 Ways telling them how amazing they were and asking them to support them next time they’re down, while the promoter has apparently asked them to support paige and lights and sounds in 2 seperate gigs after such a strong performance

    TOYK were disgustingly bad as 3 of the members were so high on drugs and My Extraordinary killed Dear maria (oh yeah, isnt this a cover??? dont see you criticising these???) as they forgot the words 7x and mucked up the solos.

    you also seem to forget to mention that as 3 Ways left trhe stage over 50% of the fans left

    please, go get some musical credentials before you criticise what is clearly a very good, and well supported band

  7. George @ CTR says:

    jesus, calm down elton john.
    I gave my review, you dont like it, get off our site and go darken someone elses hole 🙂

  8. George @ CTR says:

    and to answer your question, “Michael”, ..did i once say 3 ways were shit for not sticking to their own music? no. i said it was a shame they didnt, because that cover was fucking awful.

    My opinion, not bothered what you think. Later skater.

  9. michael says:

    Unfortunatly “George” the 300 people who were there that night didn’t, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. i think that 2 vs 300 isnt a bad percentage of people to have on side at a gig where your only the second of five acts. Though you claim people went mental for My Extraordinarys “Dear Maria” cover, yet I saw about 30 people out of the approximatly 120 left after 3 Ways departed that looked discusted at the poor guitar playing and hideous singing/lack of singing. I was in the mass cheering yet I thought it was hideous, I was only in the mass because it is an amazing song and they were trying their best, so I thought I’d cheer them on.

    As you said, you gave your opinion, I gave mine. You asked me not to have a go at you for giving yours yet you have a go at me.

    I never said you said they were shit either, that was a response to Faye. And if you want to be respected as a critic, I seriously suggest that you stop foul mouthing people who disagree with your obviously flawed hearing and saying things such as ‘not bothered what you think’ as that totally defeats the object of your opinion counting.

    To be honest, I’ve seen your other reviews too “George”. You love brokenCYDE? I’ve seen them, and I agree with the Kerrang article in the latest issue. A total embarrassment to music! I do suppose that is why the majority of the bands at lalst years Warped protested to have them booted from the tour?

    I will however take your advice and go elsewhere as I like to read half decent reviews, not half arsed attempts by what seems to be a couple of kids trying to pretend how to critique music because they have been to a few gigs.

  10. George @ CTR says:

    Why are you air quoting my name? Haha do you assume I’m going under a pseudonym?

    You’re getting boring now bbz, if you don’t like the review, stop bitching to me about it, because I don’t really care.

    Now “michael”, either shut up, or leave. now.

    Ta ❤

  11. George @ CTR says:

    OH wait, didn’t read the last bit…

    A FEW GIGS???
    oh man junior, you really don’t know who I am, do you?

  12. Faye @ CTR says:

    If you don’t like it, piss off. Why get so worked up by a site that has no “music credentials”?

    3 Ways of Thinking are shit, as is the majority of the North East pseudo-American pop-punk scene. /end.

  13. George @ CTR says:

    Except Castro. We love Castro. 😀

  14. michael says:

    lol, tell me who you are then “george” and I was quoting your name as you did mine.

    Just answer me one thing? how come you’ve never answered any of the question or remarks I’ve brought up? Instead you just simply swear and tell me my opinion doesn’t count. Well unfortunately I think yours doesn’t count, so I think I’ll leave it at that.

  15. michael says:

    Oh yes, sorry, I do agree Castro are brilliant, but they’ve also told me they love 3 Ways, so there you are.

  16. Faye @ CTR says:

    I’ve just lurked your MySpace, you’re 23, really? Who cares what Castro like? Their opinions have no influence on ours, we’re young adults and have our own views, we’re not in it for anyone’s approval or for cred or whatever. And what is there to respond to? You think 3WOT are good, we think 3WOT are SHIT. Oh noez, the swearing! I’m clearly not going to change your mind nor do I care enough to, and you’re not going to change ours, so what’s the point in arguing?

  17. George @ CTR says:

    i quoted yours to humour you, haha idiot.
    did i once tell you your opinion doesnt count? no.
    you havent posed any real questions to be answered, nothing but a few rhetorical questions.

    If Castro love 3 Ways, what’s that got to do with me?
    Absolutely, bot. all.

    Bye Bye 😀

  18. Nellie says:

    Lawl. This site has never ending beefz.

  19. michael says:

    lol, im glad you think im 23, might make it easier to get served when I’m at a gig that would haha.

    and no george, i have posted opinions which rival your own views upon which you have not commented on. and as for Faye, I actually have a sense of decency where by I do not swear at people whom I do not know.

    If you wish to slag a band off in the future, please comment upon their technical ability rather than grouping them as a genre and instantly disliking them. I myself do not like My Passions music genre, yet i do agree they are really good at what they do. you claim to be young adults, ok. goodbye children.

  20. Kris says:

    Wooooah, you guys are fighting a lot.

    Tbh, why would you guys waste you breath on this? haha
    You’re getting so worked up about nothing.

    At the end of the day, we know how good we are, we know where we need to improve, and we can take constructive criticism so long as its well deserved and has a credible foundation. Unfortunately this website is neither, and tbh I don’t care what or who you are, because in a few year’s time you’ll be kissing my shiny metal behind cos the view is so much better from the top.

    And thats not where you’ll be kidda.

    Also, you should come see us at one of our upcoming gigs, like our gigs with The Years Gone By, Paige, Shadows Chasing Ghosts etc. ould be nice to see your pretty little face there.

    much love

  21. Jesus says:

    HAHAHAHA! George you make me laugh! The only song that got murdered that night was “Dear Maria” In all fairness it was stomach turning.

  22. George @ CTR says:

    in fairness, we’re not “slagging off” anyone. We just didn’t rate the performance. We could always just not review said band in future?

  23. Faye @ CTR says:

    @ Kris: “Tbh, why would you guys waste you breath on this? haha
    You’re getting so worked up about nothing.” Ironic. Why don’t you take your own advice? Why do you care so much about our non-credible site?

    You’re in a terrible band, the warbling vocals that night were esp. hideous, and no, I don’t care how many 13-year-olds were ogling over your singer or if John Be liked you, that’s what I thought, really bad. If you ever reach the “top” it’ll only be because of the short shorts, and certainly not due to the musicianship, unless there is some mass improvement. Stop kidding yourself.

  24. Nellie says:

    To be honest, of course you’re going to see his face at an upcoming gig, George likes Paige. I commended Kris upon his mature attitude towards the review but then this was written, “tbh I don’t care what or who you are, because in a few year’s time you’ll be kissing my shiny metal behind”. Oh dear. How can a website be ‘well deserved’?

    Anyway, the main point is, you’re unhappy with the review. Now that the writer knows this, we can all move on.

  25. George @ CTR says:

    look, i’ll just not review your band from now on. When it comes to reviewing Paige + Summerlin, or Paige + TYGB, i wont so much as mention your name. No skin off my bones.

  26. Kimberly says:

    ok i’ve been reading this for a while wondering why the hell you care so much about a band you hate.
    Why dont you just shut the hell up with things you have no qualifications about and leave the critisism to people who can actually give it constructively. Yes kris did have a bit of an immature line or two, however the gig went down reali well, and most people thought for a band of their type they were really good and the crowd really seemed to enjoy them. So its not your kind of music you don’t like it course you’d think its shit but who the fuck cares get over it already and stop wasting time bout something you said you didn’t care bout and I agree that the only song that night that was murdered was Dear Maria.
    So move on people get over it!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Daisy @ CTR says:

    Jesus fucking Christ people – this review is the opinion of ONE PERSON. If you don’t like it, shut the fuck up and move along.

    And the person above – ‘things you have no qualifications about’? So now all journalists need to be world-class musicians to have an opinion? Is that what you’re saying?

    People catching mad feelings up in here.

  28. Nellie says:

    Daisy, jump in my tahoe.

  29. sarah says:

    i think the person 2 above was meaning that if you are to review music, you should have a decent knowledge of music, like you couldnt have anyone do it. i was at that gig and have been to previous 3 ways gigs, my brother comes with me sometimes and hes studying at newcastle on a music degree and ill tell you, he honestly thinks the drummer is absolutly amazing cause he played really well eith this huge drum kit and he really liked the guitarist and the singer…the whole band really lol. but he thought the stuff they write is really technical and hard to play.

    just thought id put that in. and from my view, i dunno about all this technical stuff, i just know i really enjoyed them, they had loads of energy, really interacted with the crowd, and were a fun band who im deffinately gonna see again

    i would say that i agree with the not swearing at people bit though, gives a bad vibe about you not caring about the people who read this, whether they disagree or not, i mean, some proffessionalism is required. you didnt like the band, fine, but theyve had their say and were polite about it, common courtesy says accept it and leave it be, not all this arguing agro

  30. sarah says:

    oh, sorry, forgot to say

    thanks 😀 lol

  31. Daisy @ CTR says:

    Which means that this person assumed that none of us were musicians. I can’t speak for any of the others, but I am a musician.

    And I swear because that’s who I am, not because I’m getting aggro over an opinion.

  32. Nellie says:

    I don’t quite think they were ‘polite about it’.

  33. sarah says:

    lol, sorry, i just thought thats wat it ment. sorry if it didnt 😦

    but ive read through the comments and there was something put by Michael asking George to comment on technical stuff, but he didnt, so that could be where its come from, i dunno haha

    i just want every1 to be happy, god sake, 3WOT are nice kids and a good band in my opinion, but thats just it, its opinion, please let it all rest?

  34. sarah says:

    and i ment there was no telling them to “fuck off”, “piss off”, or anything like that. thats just seems rude to me.

  35. Daisy @ CTR says:

    See that’s fine, you’re being nice about it and not coming here and being a dick because you don’t agree with an opinion. I might not agree with some of George’s opinions and we both work for the same site. It shouldn’t even be an issue. Bands get good reviews and bands get bad reviews. They’re getting publicity from us either way.

  36. Nellie says:

    I’ve lost track on what the specifics are that weren’t liked by the people in this band but I think we can now consider this dropped.

    Ho, why aren’t you in my tahoe yet?

  37. Daisy @ CTR says:

    bbz I’m all up in your tahoe as we speak.

  38. Faye @ CTR says:

    Oh, Kimberley, “Why dont you just shut the hell up with things you have no qualifications about and leave the critisism to people who can actually give it constructively.” This is where my degree in MUSIC JOURNALISM completely disagrees with you.

  39. sarah says:

    lol, erm, may i ask daisy, if you get comments from someone or a band saying they disagree, do you tell them to fuck off? (not a go at George, and you dont need to reply to that if you dont), and are you contructive in your criticism? just that what it sounds like 3WOT want as a reviewer

    from an outside view, it seems they were genuinly pleased with their performance, as did the fans, and its the fact that its a bad review, i dunno, mibi if they felt they’d played bad then it would be fair comment (hope you get my drift, even though theres a lot of presumptions there lol)

  40. George @ CTR says:

    you don’t need any qualifications whatsoever, it’s called opinions. that’s whats needed, an opinion, and a bit of creative writing. no degree is needed, just an OPINION. OPINION. OPINION, get it?

    i havent even seen them before, but surely that makes it the bit more better of a review? it’s a first time shot, from a NEUTRAL OPINION.
    there’s that key word again,




  41. Daisy @ CTR says:

    No, because most bands take the bad criticism with the good and accept it as part of being in a band. They understand that they can’t expect everybody to like them, and some people obviously won’t, but this just seems like ‘WTF YOU DON’T LIKE MY BAND, WHAT WHAT WHAAAT’.

    Wait, what? I didn’t even tell anybody to fuck off, what are you even saying.

    Anyway…I wasn’t even at the gig. I’ve never met George. I’d never heard of 3WOT before this review. I shouldn’t even be involved.

  42. sarah says:

    lol, no, sorry daisy, i wasnt meaning you swearing, sorry, i was refering to georges comment.

    i dont think its so much as, ‘WTF YOU DON’T LIKE MY BAND, WHAT WHAT WHAAAT’ cause they keep saying “constructive criticism” all the time, cause not much of it is, it just seems to be “your in a shit band” “your shit” “fuck off, i dont care what you think”.

    sorry, im like daisy, i dont wanna get in an argument, but just thought id raise that point

  43. George @ CTR says:

    in fairness, i didnt once say theyre in a shit band, theyre shit, or fuck off 🙂

  44. Kris says:

    Look, can we just end this?

    Tbh yes, I was silly in what I said, and for that I apologise. I’m not upset with George’s opinion, in fact, I fully respect them, and encourage them too. I was frustrated that he attacked our playing ability, which is something I pride myself in personally. I was also extremely frustrated at the unnecessary debate this has caused.

    I have full faith in my band, otherwise I wouldn’t have ploughed so much time, money and effort into it.
    We’re young and foolhardy, yeah, and we need to improve immensely. We genuinely are our own biggest critics, we just felt really hard done by here.

    I know this isn’t the first and definitely not the last bad review we’ll ever get, and tbh we embrace them all. I have no grudges, feel free to review us whenever and however you want in the future, I’d just prefer it if the review was constructive and balanced really.

    And, erm, whoever made the comment about the 13 year old boys, you might wanna research our ages before making comments like that haha.

    All the best,

  45. Kris says:

    “3 Ways of Thinking are s***, as is the majority of the North East pseudo-American pop-punk scene. /end.”

    Touche 😉


  46. sarah says:

    sorry george, in that part i was meaning Faye, the typing didnt come through for some reason :s lol but i do apologise

    i just think, if youve got an opinion, fine, but i hate swearing, just typing it made my skin crawl, it seems so personal and offensive to me, however, that is just the way i view it all

  47. sarah says:

    that was Faye kris, not George, lol. even though they do represent the same site

  48. George @ CTR says:

    i didnt say that though! not once.

    I have to admit mind, i am a pretty tough critic myself.

    if you dont mind, i’ll review the paige/summerlin gig and include you guys, as long as there’s no more pissy argument by anyone if it gets a bad review again.

    ive only seen you once, so like, next time could be different.

  49. Nellie says:

    Wow, people get worked up in North England.

  50. Faye @ CTR says:

    Well, don’t take the swearing too personal, anyone who knows me knows I have the mouth of a sailor. I’ll be at The Years Gone By show, I’ll say hi, now let’s all be friends.

  51. Nellie says:

    Sarah, although we run this site, we all have our own opinions, provided an unified opinion would certainly make things clearer, neither Daisy, I or anyone else that is a part of CTR is going to denounce their right to an opinion.

  52. Kris says:

    Your welcome to George, I just ask that, if after our performance you do have some constructive criticism to give, please come and have a word with us after the gig. This is not meant in a bad way, just we like to know where we can improve, we aren’t a stuck up band, we are genuine in wanting to produce good music and talking about good music, and if you have picked up on something in which we could improve upon we wil certainly take your advice on board.

    Also, if by any chance you are wishing to talk about this review, then we can also talk about that, as to be fair, it is hard to have the same quality of conversation on here as you would face to face as alot of things can be misenterpreted on comments.

    thanks again

  53. sarah says:

    i totally accept that Nellie, i was just meaning like, you know in football, 1 player doing something bad can bring the rest of the club down, thats all, i wasnt meaning it personally.

    and to faye, sorry, i wasnt meaning it to seem an insult, just i hate swearing, and tbf, i hate bands when they do it too. i love the blackout, but boy sean can swear, always makes me cringe lol

  54. George @ CTR says:

    i respect that offer, i’ll take you up on it. 🙂
    my opinion doesn’t really count for anything, but my one query would be to drop the cover and keep winning people over with your own stuff!

    That’s just me, you don’t have to pay it any attention like, haha.

  55. Kris says:

    Thanks alot mate, we really appreciate that.

    Hope theres know hard feelings and we look forward to seeing you there.

  56. Jake says:

    Sorry that i’m proper late on reading this review, I somehow stumbled across it.

    I agree with you on all TOYK comments, possibly the worst band i’ve ever put on. The “singer” turned up 2 and abit hours late, drunk and therefore they were pretty poor.

    As for 3WOT, I thought vocals were pretty spot on, generally they were really tight, and yeh they could have stuck to more original material. All in all though, they have a good northeast fanbase, and give it a couple more years, they’ll be up and down the country.

    My Ex weren’t as good as they have been for me previously, they were slightly under the influence of alcohol but managed to just about hold it together.

    Summerlin & My Passion speak for themselves however across the tour, they were best in Birmingham.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, however I feel you were harsh on 3WOT. They impressed me, and therefore I gave them a few more slots at NEM gigs, Paige @ Academy 2 being one of them.

    Would be nice to be notified on these reviews so i’m not a month late again!


  57. JAKE IS A DICK says:

    I’m a gay.

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