Interview: Hollywood Undead

huUnmasked and uncensored, we bring you our interview with the much talked about Hollywood Undead. We managed to get a hold of all six members for a quick chat before their Newcastle show supporting The Blackout.

Faye: Hey, can you say your names and the reasons behind them?
Funny Man: Alright, I’ll start it off, Funny Man, I’m not funny.
Da Kurlzz: I’m Da Kurlzz and I don’t have curly hair.
Charlie Scene: I’m Charlie Scene and I’m not a scene kid faggot.
J-Dog: I’m J-Dog, because those are my initials.
Funny Man: And he’s not a dog, woof woof!
Johnny 3 Tears: I’m Johnny 3 Tears because I never cry.
Deuce: I’m Deuce, because I don’t know why.
Funny Man: You don’t know why?!
Deuce: Nah-uh.
Funny Man: Holy shit.

Faye: So, how did you all meet?
Charlie Scene: We all grew up together pretty much, a lot of us went to school together. We’ve known each other forever, way before the band.

Faye: What’s up with Shady Jeff, who left the band a while ago, are you still in contact with him?
Funny Man: No!
Deuce: He’s building a new car for me. [laughs]

George: It’s your first time on tour over here, has the U.K. been treating you well?
Charlie Scene: Yeah, the fans out here have been really good and the shows have been good, I’m stoked.

George: How did Slam Dunk go for you on Sunday?
Charlie Scene: Awesome, that was probably our favourite show we’ve played on the tour.
Funny Man: Yeah, it was the best show.

Faye: What has the U.K. reaction been towards you like?
Charlie Scene: It’s been good, I mean, at Slam Dunk the whole room was packed.
J-Dog: But the U.K. as a whole has been really good, we’ve been selling a lot merch which has been awesome.


Faye with Hollywood Undead. (L-R) J-Dog, Deuce, Faye, Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene and Da Kurlzz. (Front) Funny Man.

Faye: Back in February, you played a one-off headline show in London, how did that go for you?
J-Dog: It was awesome, like every kid knew every word, they all went nuts, doing flips off the stage, couldn’t understand half them, but it was fun.

Faye: You only started playing live as a band last August, what took you so long to play shows?
J-Dog: We couldn’t afford to buy the equipment and we didn’t have the money to pay for rehearsal space, and our album wasn’t getting released, so finally when the album was released we were able to buy equipment to play live shows, before we had nothing.

George: Speaking of your album, Swan Songs, it’s now out in the UK, can you tell us a little bit about it?
Charlie Scene: It’s got 14-songs on it, we had about 30 to choose from, so we chose what we thought were our best weapons against the world.
Deuce: It’s basically a mixture of old, like No. 5 which is on there, and new songs.

Faye: You’re known to play Dead In Ditches live, but how come it didn’t make it on the album?
Deuce: Too many bad words.
J-Dog: Yeah, too explicit. There’s certain things you can’t say in songs that are on that song.
Deuce: Probably because of ‘fag’, I don’t know.
Charlie Scene: Yeah, we say the word ‘faggot’ on that song too much, but when we say ‘fag’, we’re not talking about homosexuals we’re talking about people like him. [Points to Da Kurlzz] Faggy right now on his laptop in the middle of an interview.
Faye: [laughs] Why do you always pick on Da Kurlzz?
Charlie Scene: You know about that?! Well, look at him! How could you not want to pick on him? [laughs] He’s ignoring me right now, it makes me want to talk even more trash about him.

Faye: Can you tell us a bit about The Diary? It’s one of my favourite songs from the album, musically and lyrically, it’s a lot different and more sombre than anything else you’ve produced.
Deuce: Me and Johnny both have parts on The Diary, I wrote my part about a girl I used to like a lot, who I didn’t get to see a lot of the time, what did you write your part about?
Johnny 3 Tears: Just the time period we were going through, it was hard on us because the record wasn’t coming out, it’s mainly about alcohol abuse and what was happening at that time.

George: You’ve got quite a lot of fans, but you’ve also got quite a lot of haters, what are your thoughts on them?
Charlie Scene: We’ve never met a single hater, they’re too scared, they just talk shit on the internet and stuff.
J-Dog: Yeah, talking shit on the internet doesn’t count, if you want to talk shit you do it in real life, come to a show.
Funny Man: Come meet us!
J-Dog: Yeah, it’s funny though, when you hear people say they’ve changed their opinion of you when they’ve been to a show.

Faye: What were your thoughts on Buddy from Senses Fail talking shit about BrokeNCYDE every night, during your headline Saints and Sinners Tour in the US?
Funny Man: We thought it was hilarious, we encouraged it. We would find new things for them to talk shit about, so he would have something to say, but mostly it was all him, it was a good time. We actually really miss BrokeNCYDE, we miss laughing and having a good time with them, and we miss Senses Fail a lot, we love all those guys.

Faye: What are your thoughts on BrokeNCYDE’s music?
Funny Man: It’s certainly crunk. [laughs]


George with Hollywood Undead. (L-R) J-Dog, Deuce, Funny Man, George, Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene and Da Kurlzz.

Faye: How do you feel being associated with all these ‘screamo-crunk’ bands?
Funny Man: Well, technically, we shouldn’t be associated since we’re not ‘screamo-crunk’, that’s just the media’s word, not ours, because if you listen to our music and then you listen to their music it’s two completely different sounds.

George: What’s with the masks and why do you take them off after a couple or so songs into the set?
Deuce: I guess it’s just because we don’t want to be stuck to one image, we want to change throughout the show.
J-Dog: It’s easier to communicate with the crowd when you’re not wearing a mask, because they can’t see your facial expressions since there’s just a few holes, so it’s really hard and it makes you hot.
Faye: Do you design your masks yourselves?
J-Dog: Yeah, everybody designs their own masks individually, then we have them made by some crazy guy.

George: What was your inspiration for the Undead video with all the naked ladies?
Deuce: That was the director’s idea on that song, pretty much, it was good, crazy party scenes, smashing shit up.
Funny Man: Yeah, it’s a video that communicates the song well.

George: What have you had to sacrifice since making it big?
J-Dog: My virginity, I lost it in the UK, on my 18th birthday this morning.
Funny Man: He got laid in Kentish Town.
J-Dog: By a Kentish whore, I lost my virginity to a Kentish whore.

Faye: So, what do your parents think of your music? Are they supportive? Do they approve of the content?
J-Dog: They support us as a band, all our parents are just happy that we’re finally doing something with our lives. They’ve all been to a bunch of shows. I’ve never actually talked to them about the lyrics.
Johnny 3 Tears: My mom likes the music, she’s a potty mouth. [laughs]

George: Do you have plans to come back to the UK to maybe do a headline tour after in the near future?
Johnny 3 Tears: Yeah, definitely, the next time we come back we’re supposed to be doing a headline run.

George: Change the record, who should we be listening to?
J-Dog: Sonny and The Blood Monkeys is one of them and Haste The Day.
Funny Man: He’s a big Framing Hanley fan.
Charlie Scene: I love Framing Hanley.
J-Dog: The Urgency.

Faye: Is there anything else you want to say?
J-Dog: Our album, Swan Songs, is out in the UK and Europe, check it out if you haven’t heard it yet, shit’s off the chain.

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22 Responses to Interview: Hollywood Undead

  1. Tom says:

    Nice interview!

    I was at the Underworld debut show and also the London Forum show this time around and they were great both times. Went to the Underworld not really knowing what to expect but left knowing i’d seen something special.

    They are just about my favourite band around at the moment and how they somehow got caught up in this “screamo crunk” thing is beyond me. Some guy in Kerrang just lumped a whole load of different sounding bands together and slagged it off and they found themselves included.

    Swan Songs is a fantastic album, everyone should check it out. Good work with the interview and i look forward to seeing HU back here soon!

  2. jynx says:

    I love hollywood undead
    their amazing
    i love their song young

  3. Knivezmoney says:

    HU rock’s all the way around, I gotta love all their songs. Nothing in the days comming can beat them, they will forever rock the world. Goodluck guys and i hope to be able to afford to make it to a show sometime soon.

  4. AshtynUndead says:


  5. se7s95 says:


  6. Kayla Brown says:

    CANT WAIT TO SEE HU ON JULY 12th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very first HU concert for me!!!

  7. Dare says:

    I absolutely LOVE you guys, im really glad you guys made it big otherwise i wouldnt have a favorite band 🙂 im gonna try to make it to one of your shows 😀

  8. sparten jph says:

    yo johnny-3-tears is the best

  9. Miss sidney diane says:

    EEK i love them all and their my fave band EV-OR

  10. Person. says:

    omg xD I lovee Hollywood Undead, they’re really awesome I love Charlie Scene! I love all their songs, a lot of them are pretty touching, in different ways ofcourse XD.Haha, well I hope they make it even bigger! They deserve everythin’. Loads of talent right thur.

  11. Stephanie says:

    You guys rock…when are you coming back to Dayton????? I just love you guys and so does my son who is Autistic…plus my 4 year old will walk around saying J-dog. I personally like funny man…I love your low voice:)

  12. deborah says:

    i love hollywood undead with n with out the mask my top 3 fav r FUNNYMAN, j-dog n johnny 3 tears. they r the funniest and funnyman is hot with and with out the mask. i feel bad for da kurlzz cuz he is always getting picked on but he is also one of my favs hes just not in the top 3. i can relate to most of the songs that i have heard. i love how each person in the band can just tell how it is in the music the play.

  13. Alyssa says:

    I love u Hollywood Undead. Especially you, Deuce. I’m waiting for you guys to come to indianapolis. Nothing cool ever happens here.

  14. Hope says:

    I love Hollywood Undead, there like, my life! Haha. And my mission was partly succedded, I got George’s number, I need 4 more. 🙂

  15. Pseudonym says:

    XD Hahaha I like these guys~ ^_^ Also, I love Da Kurlzz, but I still think it’s hilarious when they pick on him. (I dunno, I’m just weird like that)

    Good luck with whatever you guys do next!!

  16. Jazzmyn says:

    you guys are FUcking AMAZING!!!!!!

  17. trina says:

    I fucking love you guys, you guys are like freaking amazing!!!! i wanna meet u in real life man, ive been to alot of your concerts they were fuckin jam packed and u guys rocked dat place!!!!! hit meh up on facebook man!!!!

  18. lexi says:

    i love them and hater f off ( im 11)

  19. lexi says:

    im 11 and fing love them

  20. HU4L* giiirl. says:

    i absoutley love hollywood undead i cannt waiit to see them in concert this month ! i yell at people everytime they say that HU isnt good because i love them that much !!!!(:

  21. destiny says:

    very nice but funny 🙂

  22. Charlie says:

    I will be at your concert this month to because Hollywood undead is my favorite band you guys need to keep making songs it dose not matter what anybody else thinks and you guys and Deuce need to make up and be friends agin because one day friends may be all you have left

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