Review: The Ghost Of A Thousand – New Hopes, New Demonstrations

smallcoverALBUMThe second full-length from Brighton punk mob The Ghost Of A Thousand is a stone’s throw, but also a million miles away from previous release, This Is Where The Fight Begins.

Opening with Moved As Mountains, Dreamt Of By The Sea, the band positively leap into a frenzy. It’s really energetic, it’s really accessible, and it inspires sing-a-longs.

The record does sound very grim, and very gritty, but unlike fellow punk contemporaries such as Your Demise, or Gallows, this spills out an edginess, an un-nerving catch throughout, which sometimes falters on the latter band’s records.

Bright Lights is a real rock-a-long, whereas tracks like Neptune really inspire utter chaos. The dual guitars work together in perfect energy-ridden harmony, and frontman Tom Lacey sounds spitting mad throughout with his incredibly raw brand of yell and scream.

This record, in short, is nothing short of amazing, and if people have any sense, it’s sure to propell TGOAT to bigger and better things, and fast.


New Hopes, New Demonstrations is out on June 1st through Epitaph.

Keep an eye out for our interview with guitarist Andy Blyth soon!


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