Review: Rancid – Last One To Die (Single)

RancidSmallRancid are undeniable forerunners of the punk rock renaissance of the early 1990s, using their brand of in-your-face punk attitude, combined with ska-styled subtleties to bring punk rock back into the public conscience.

So, here they are, 18-years later, with their new single Last One To Die. The only change to the line-up of the band in those 18-years was drummer Brett Reed being replaced with ex-Used man Branden Steineckert.

The music, in keeping with this, has stayed quite constant, and this new offering features classic punk rock styling; laced with frontman Tim Armstrong’s unique and instantly recognisable vocals, and some lovely harmonies thrown in for good measure.

Some ‘hardcore’ Rancid fans may argue that they have ‘sold out’ or ‘gone pop’, but this very track could be seen as an ode to those doubters, and those that have written them off from the very beginning. A big middle finger to their critics, they’re still here after almost two decades, and don’t look like going anywhere soon.


Click HERE to watch the video to Last One To Die.

Last One To Die is available now  and is taken from their new album, Let The Dominoes Fall, out on June 1st.


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