Review: Attack! Attack! – Honesty (Single)

“Honesty didn’t get me anywhere, I know ’cause I read it in your diary…” starts the rather cliché pop-punk song that Welsh upstarts Attack! Attack! have chosen to release as their latest single from their debut album.

However,  unlike most  bands in their ever-growing genre, Attack! Attack! give this some welly, and make this track the pop-rock equilateral of a golden nugget. Hooky, catchy, and with an excellent chorus, this song explodes past the intro, and takes straight to your lips after just one listen. Frontman Neil Starr‘s Patrick Stump-esque vocals provide a brilliant key that drives the engine of the song.

The boys are on to big things with this; the question is, how long will it be until the band get the recognition they so rightly deserve? Methinks with some more gems like this one, not very long whatsoever.


Honesty is digitally available now.


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  1. Attack Attack! > Attack! Attack!

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