Live Review: Gallows – O2 Academy, Newcastle, May 9th 2009

gallowsSaturday nights usually mean booze-ups in whatever British town you come from these days, but for Frank Carter, drinking is out of the question. Instead, he’s explaining the exact opposite to Newcastle tonight, following Gallows‘ newest release, Grey Britain.

Sheffield noisecore quintet Rolo Tomassi start off the proceedings tonight, to a crowd that seems somewhat empty for a venue of the Academy’s size. Nonetheless, the band are solid, mixing it up with songs from their EP, and full length Hysterics. They stab, and growl, and stab, and growl, and lace it all in synth goodness, and really work the crowd. Scabs goes down a treat, as does a blistering I Love Turbulence, which sets off the first massive mess of bodies for the night. Some people get them, some people don’t, but tiny Eva Spence and her boys have certainly made a lasting impression on everyone tonight.

Brooklyn hardcore act Every Time I Die are up next, and it seems there’s many here for them alone, as they break into a chugging, brilliant We’rewolf, sending bodies flying at all angles. Granted, their set gets slightly tedious later on, sounding somewhat samey to the neutral fan, but there’s no denying the guys play incredibly well, sounding heavier than a freight train crash. Most of tonight’s crowd, thankfully are well into them, and they’ve definitely gartered a great reception tonight.

The main event, and Gallows take the stage to the haunting Thames sound of The Riverbank intro to their new release, and crash straight into new single The Vulture, sending every single person mental with delight, anger, every emotion you could imagine.

Tonight, frontman Frank Carter assures the crowd, it’s all about Newcastle tonight, swapping words for new track London Is The Reason, which goes down an absolute storm. The band are brilliant at what they’re playing, and the crowd have every lyric completely memorised, even though the album has been out barely a week, as they bark each word back to the band.

Carter constantly demands audience participation, throwing himself from a bar into outstretched arms in the process, as his brother Steph does exactly the same, before a giant human pyramid and an immense circle pit swallow what’s left of the floor.

The band make sure they get their message well and truly across tonight, not preaching, but letting people make the assumption for themselves, at the state Britain is in. They do it with a grit, a sneering determination, and with style.

Old favourite Orchestra of Wolves, accompanied by new track Crucifucks, rounds off a very sweaty, but awe-inspiring set, and it’s fair to say Gallows have well and truly got their message across tonight.



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