Review: Young Guns – Mirrors (EP)

yg-mirrors-lores-packshotOff the back of new single In The Night, High Wycombe rock quintet Young Guns bring us their début EP, Mirrors. While only four tracks long, it may lack in listening longevity, but it certainly makes up for it in just how excellent each track really is.

Opener Daughter of the Sea kicks straight in with a brilliantly powerful opening riff comparable to American metal giants Sevendust, and spouts catchy from every angle, with snippets of gang vocals, great hooks, and a memorable rock-out sound.

Each track is really well written, and the quality simply shines through. The band have a real Thrice-esque sound to them, and lead vocalist Gustav Wood‘s more melodic singing really suits the heavier tone of the instrumental sound, shown beautifully in third track, There Will Be Rain.

The only point that could be argued is which track is best, there’s no clear winner. This is one hell of an introduction, hopefully a full-length won’t be too far away, because anyone listening to this is bound to be gagging for more. An excellent record!


Mirrors is released on June 22nd through Live Forever Records.

For more on Young Guns, check out their MySpace.


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