Review: Innerpartysystem – Heart of Fire (EP)

ipsThe latest release from Pensylvanian-quartet Innerpartysystem comes Heart Of Fire (EP).

Centred around new single and title track, Heart Of Fire, this comes a fine collection of everything Innerpartysystem do best, giving a healthy dosage of upbeat dance/rock hybrids such as its title track, to the slower, more mellow and mysterious tracks such as the previously unheard Heart That Heals.

Heart Of Fire is by far the best track on the record, boasting the most memorable tune, and some brilliant guitar works, while the rest lack somewhat in comparison.

Frontman Patrick Nissley‘s vocals are very haunting and give a lovely melody to each of the 6-tracks on the EP. Four of the tracks are re-released tracks from their début release, Download (EP), but it’s certainly a nice addition to the record.

This release shows us nothing particularly new, just a reminder that Innerpartysystem are still continuing a meteoric rise, and these tracks show the only way for them is up.

Heart Of Fire (EP) is released May 18th through Island Records.



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