Live Review: Fightstar – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, April 29th 2009

fightstar250-1As you’d expect, Fightstar‘s intimate Newcastle show has long been sold out, with many people having queued ridiculously early for the Busted-esque nostalgia of their frontman. Nonetheless, it’s what sells the tickets.

Laruso provide the opening entertainment of the night and crash into a brilliant post-hardcore noise, frontman, Liv, has exceptional vocals. They manage to get a small portion of the crowd moving right from the off, with tracks from their new album including new single 1998, and the brilliant It’s Not A Moon, It’s A Space Station. Unfortunately, it seems tonight’s audience don’t really seem to care too much about anyone but the headliners, which really lets down a very strong set.

In Case Of Fire, unfortunately, don’t garter as much of a reaction as the former, they’re definitely a band with a lot of work on their hands, as the crowd stay pretty static. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with their set – it’s a brilliant mix of epicness and progressive rock with a very beautiful set of vocals from frontman Steven Robinson. New single Enemies and former single The Cleansing prove great standouts, but disappointingly the crowd don’t really “get it” tonight. Not that this falters the performance; it’s a great set, it just goes hugely unnoticed.

So, Fightstar hit the stage to roars, screams, and from all ages; there’s people from the ages of 10 to 50 here tonight, which shows just how widespread the band’s audience are. Sadly, it’s clear to see there’s a percentage here only to relive their Busted nostalgia trip, but it’s nothing on the explosion of bodies all around the room when Fightstar burst into new track Colours Bleed To Red.

The set tonight is quite heavy with songs from new album Be Human, the first five tracks played including a now firm fan favourite, new single Mercury Summer.

The only downfalls of a tremendously played set tonight was the faltering of the set mid-way through, as the boys didn’t manage to maintain the high energy they created from the start of the set. Songs such as the choice of Mono instead of Floods with frontman Charlie Simpson‘s keyboard not being able to fit onstage, and much of the lighter sounding Fightstar back catalogue let the set down somewhat.

However, songs like old favourite Grand Unification Part 1, and a superbly brutal encore of the haunting Deathcar proved that Fightstar are definitely worth their while, and provided an excellent performance.

Fightstar’s new album, Be Human, is out now at all good record stores, and In Case Of Fire’s debut album, Align The Planets, is released on May 11th.



28 Responses to Live Review: Fightstar – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, April 29th 2009

  1. mr mr says:

    surely the whole being in busted thing is kinda old now?

  2. George @ CTR says:

    Surely not, judging by the crowd.

  3. Darkstar Dave says:

    Shut the hell up about Busted yeah? I’ll kill you ya tosser. I love Fightstar. They are my life.

  4. George @ CTR says:

    go on then, kill me. im shaaaaaking.

    you don’t even know me junior, get the hell off of our website.

  5. Faye @ CTR says:


    Now c’mon, there’s really no need for the death threats or to get so angry over it, George only gave his honest opinion, which was mostly really positive. We love Fightstar, too.

  6. El Empanada says:

    Fightstar eat shit out of my ass.

    I’ve never actually heard of ’em, but I hear their music is “busted”! BWAHAHAHAHA!

  7. Jo says:

    Totally agree, awesome review. 🙂

  8. Lynnie says:

    How can you tell from the look of someone what music they like? You judge the audience by what they look like, so they must be “B” fans? Clearly you do not understand the band or want to either, so what I suggest is you listen to the album and give a review that doesn’t involve their past commitments. I feel it was a bit if a personal dig at a guy who has given all he can to produce great music and do what he loves best, Rock! Further, It is an insult to the band saying they only sell tickets because of Charlie! They are the future, giving what the music industry needs, a good kick up the ass. Whether you like it or not they are going to be around for a looooong time 😉

  9. El Empanada says:

    This wasn’t an album review, it was a show review. If the band played old songs, the old songs will be covered. If the old songs didn’t have enough energy due to an instrument not being able to fit on stage, that’s that. And George said “Fightstar are definitely worth their while, and provided an excellent performance”. That sounds like it was an overall decent show. So pull your head out of your ass, stop being defensive and understand that not everyone’s panties will become the Niagra Falls whilst listening to this band.
    – The Emperor

  10. Jake says:

    She didn’t say it was an album review… She basically said stop going on about this busted shit!! So get your head out of your ass, Emperor!!

  11. El Empanada says:

    What she said to do was “listen to the album and give a review that doesn’t involve their past commitments”. She said to listen to the album in response to a show review.

    When a former frontman creates a new band, there will always be curiosity in it caused by an old band. Happens. Suck it up. Also, eat my dick.
    -The Emperor

  12. Lynnie says:

    **Lynnie removing head from ass**

    Ha ha, that’s me told!

  13. Jo says:

    What kind of a review site has its writers
    arguing with comments, And editing peoples comments???
    Very strange.

  14. El Empanada says:

    I’m not a writer for this magazine!

  15. Revelation says:

    Great review, good points about fightstar’s setlist and the support.

    Keep it up (Y) x

  16. nellieloves says:

    This isn’t just a review site. The main point is, if you had fun then why are you complaining about someone else’s opinion of it?

  17. Marc says:

    To the reviewer: I really don’t understand your comments about people reliving “Busted Nostalgia”, I was there at the Newcastle show and it was pretty obvious at the front of the pack that everyone was there for Fightstar.

    As for the supporting acts, Laruso put on an absolutely fantastic show and set the mood for the night. All members were clearly having fun on stage and inviting the crowd to join in who were more than willing. Having never heard them before (as I imagine other people there as well), they set a great lasting impression.

    As for In Case of Fire, I would say that they are technically the better band, but unlike Laruso they made absolutely NO effort at all to interact with the audience. The only times the lead singer ever spoke were to tell the guys up in the sound booth that his guitar was too low, and to mention the name of one song. It wasn’t that people didn’t ‘get it’, they just didn’t put on any kind of show, you may as well have listened to a CD of theirs very loudly. They were just… boring.

  18. George @ CTR says:

    In Case Of Fire, are not a band to win fans over by bantering on to them.

    par examplé;
    people love NOFX,
    they play 30 minutes of music a night within an hour of a half, because it’s all banter.

    ICOF want to get their music across as much as possible, they need no gimmick. it’s just the music. no looks, no funny chat, it’s their music, plain and simple, and rightly so, as their album is yet to hit stores. surely they’d like to play more songs to their audience, whats the point in bantering your way though a half an hour set?

    As for Busted nostalgia, a group of gaggling girls waiting round the back since mid-day only to scream and giggle when Mr. Simpson steps out of the bus, get his autograph, and rush off before Dan, Alex and Omar get out, is just one of a million reasons my assumption would be considered correct.

    If Fightstar were an unknown band from the off, and the singer wasn’t formerly in one of the most popular worldwide bands of the time, they wouldn’t have half the support they do today, because people would’nt of found them to listen. If people like that liked Fightstar, they should of loved Laruso, but they didnt, they sat there, glum faced, during a terrific set. they like the IDEA of Fightstar, because of their frontman.

    I could go on, but I don’t really need to prove myself, so that’ll pretty much do.

    Oh, Lynnie. I got the album a few weeks ago, it’s an amazing record. Love War Machine, it’s a beautiful track.

  19. Lynnie says:

    Cool! Yes, it is a great album 🙂

    Fair do’s re the busted thing. It’s just I never even heard of busted until I started reading reviews on the band and I was like what are they on about? I found Fightstar at a Feeder gig last year, although I heard their music before, I never knew who they were hence the comments.

  20. El Empanada says:

    I don’t know how “most popular worldwide” Busted was. I’ve never heard of them, and several music peeps I have asked have not either. The ONE person who has heard of them says the following: “Hahaha, yes, I got an EP of theirs on a Sbarro’s cup lid when I was, like, 13.” Best get yo facts straight.

    Also, I still can’t figure out half of British slang. I have no idea what you’re saying half the time.

  21. Nellie says:

    That’s a good thing though, aiming to confuse is a good thing. We got free computer games in cereal, no CD’s but you have McDonald’s for that.

  22. Faye @ CTR says:


  23. El Empanada says:

    McDonald’s is fucking nasty. I haven’t eaten there since 2001.

  24. George @ CTR says:

    Haven’t you just shot yourself in the foot a bit there?
    If they weren’t popular like that, surely they wouldn’t be on Cup Lids?

    Just a thought 😛

  25. El Empanada says:

    Being on a cup lid at a mall pizza shop is not for popular bands. That is for bands that labels are trying to push, but it’s just not working.

  26. Faye @ CTR says:

    Well, obv. a band couldn’t have been massive if they didn’t break America…

    (The above may be a lie)

  27. El Empanada says:

    I’m just saying, they may not be one of “the most popular worldwide” if everyone (but one!) I’ve asked that’s North Americam (I asked a Mexican and Canadian as well) hasn’t heard of them.

  28. Lynnie says:

    I am British and I never heard of them.

    Fuck my life!! 😛

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