Review: With The Punches – Keep It Going (EP)

wtp_keepitgoingThe debut offering from New York-quintet With The Punches, Keep It Going, give a nod to the more core-ish side of pop-punk, a la Four Year Strong, with seven tracks of squeaky clean charm.

Lots of breakdowns, gang vocals and double bass give the record life and keep it flowing. You know the score, hardcore kids playing pop-punk. Of course, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with what the band are doing, it’s just been mirrored that many times.

Most, if not all, of these tracks will keep you on your feet, and vocals, reminiscent of Soupy of The Wonder Years, are sublime; they give that genuine and warm feel that all good pop-punk albums need.

Burned At Both Ends is definitely the keeper of this record, giving a real bob-along sing song, and many a positive thought. Thankfully, there isn’t a hint of slowing down on this record, which is a good bonus, as a slower song would really ruin the mood on a short punch of a set of tracks like this. The energy throughout proves that this EP is made to be played live.

With Keep It Going, With The Punches have proved they are ones to watch for the future, and are definitely one of the best in this flavour of the month genre.


One Response to Review: With The Punches – Keep It Going (EP)

  1. billy3 says:

    love this band and this album. great live show and a good group of guys

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