Review: Searching For Skylines – Mes Amis (EP)

mes_amisThe newest offering from New York pop-rockers Searching For Skylines offers a very easy listening record.

With seven proper tracks plus an intro, Mes Amis more of a mini-album, but a very enjoyable, dreamy set of songs. The Chase in particular providing almost lullaby-like.

There’s nothing wrong with any of the tracks alone, all are worthy of a good listen, it’s whether you’ll be able to finish the record is the real question, as it tends to get a bit lackluster, to anyone wanting a bit more of a jump in their step.

Each song seems pretty simple, but effective; they provide a great tune in themselves, and even shout out the odd gang vocal, strangely enough, although it doesn’t really seem to fit into the songs.

This record will no doubt win over whatever fans the band already have, as it is a solid set of tracks, but it’s listening potential to a newcomer might just falter, given the time it takes to really get into.


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