Live Review: Give It A Name Incoming – Brixton Academy, London, April 17th 2009

esAs In This Moment’s Maria Brink came out alongside her all-male band mates, the crowd was uncertain about this pint sized woman in a bright yellow Lolita-styled dress. When she belted out a loud greeting to the audience, a confirmed roar gave the okay to start the festival. I was highly unfamiliar with In This Moment’s songs, however, Forever was a memorable song, even more memorable was the scream that lasted over 20 seconds in their last song Beautiful Tragedy.

Returning to London, Lights was playing a crowd that looked 20x larger than the crowd at the London Introduces date. Her cheery demeanour on stage definitely showed through her set, right from Drive My Soul to her crowd-engaging cover of Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way. Although, some people may not have originally been fans of her light-hearted electro pop, the body swaying people could actually do in their packed together space tells me that they enjoyed her set regardless.

In the next band’s 9-year history, this was the first time that South Carolina quintet, Emery had performed in London as we had broken their ‘UK virginity’. The crowd at this point was mostly compromised of teenage girls & boys (more girls to be honest) waiting to see The Academy Is… with a group of massive Emery fans close to the centre barrier. Bassist/vocalist Toby started off singing for the first couple of songs and switched roles with bassist/vocalist, Devin. One comical point of the night was Toby trying to get the crowd to shout the name of their latest album set for release on June 2nd, …In Shallow Seas We Sail which was more “INSHURROWOROWSEAYALS…WOOO”. Yeah, that won’t be appearing on the tour DVD.

With the lights turned down low and the crowd hyped up for Friday’s Give It A Name headliners, Enter Shikari, this festival was slowly turning into a rave of more than 1,000 people. Screams from the crowd were made the building tremble; I’m not even exaggerating that factor. Thinking that the volume was already at its height, as soon as a glimpse was of Chris, guitarist for the St. Alban’s four piece, running on stage followed by the rest of the merry men Rou, Rory Rob was caught, the crowd had turned into a breeding ground for an epic mosh consisting of 20+ year old men.

The Feast, only the second song of the night, had gotten the crowd rallied up as if it were their last. Rou seemed to be running on the crowd’s adrenaline which could be the only way he was able to move around the stage with such energy throughout their entire set. Songs from Take It To the Skies such as Sorry, You’re Not A Winner which had the crowd screaming along, were thrown into the setlist along with songs from their new album Common Dreads such as Juggernauts and lucky for this crowd, it had been the first time they played it and the reception was more than welcoming.

The show progressed along with Enter Shikari’s usual banter which was split between a serious talk about the government trying to stop the G20 protesters before No Sweattt to casual talk about Cheerios. We, the crowd had gotten our £22.50 worth of performances tonight. Some more performances than others and Enter Shikari’s set was one of them.


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