Interview: Underoath

underoathpress1With their recent visit to the U.K. for Give It A Name Incoming, the newest member of our team, Paula, was given the chance to ask Aaron Gillespie of Underoath a few quick questions.

Could you say you name and your role in the band?
Aaron R. Gillespie, drums and vocals.

You first played Give It A Name in the UK back in 2006, the fans are absolutely ecstatic to have you back on the bill! What tracks can we expect to hear this time round?
Hey, let’s not give it all away! [laughs] We are very excited to be in it and a part of it again, but as for the set list, we have been changing it a lot so I don’t know – you’ll have to come see!

Do you prefer playing the newer tracks off of the new record or tracks from the golden oldies?
I like both, I really like lots of different songs we play. I like certain moments in songs – I have no real faves though live.

So which is the track that makes the crowd erupt after hearing the first few notes?
I don’t know, I feel weird answering that, I don’t wanna feel like we’re the coolest guys ever, or come off with that vibe, kids are great to us and we are blessed.

What has been your best live experience to date?
Um, I would say headlining at the Astoria before it shut, or the South American tour we just did, the kids were so kind!

Your music has changed with every release, and yet you can ALWAYS hear the trademark underOATH sound with every track that you make. Have you changed your writing/recording process with each one? And do you think this has influenced the way the tracks sound?
Um, every record we make we just go in and write and record we try and make things sound non-contrived, but I don’t think it’s an effort we make every time to change, but I think we have similarities because it’s us six, ya know?

Which album are you most proud of?
I’m personally proud of all of them in different ways.

What is your favourite track off of Lost in the Sound of Separation?
Breathing in a New Mentality, because it feels urgent which I think is an important emotion for our band to have.

Have you had a lot of negativity from other bands & critics due to your Christian background, if so, how do you deal with it?
Not really, I think people respect people when they themselves are respected. We believe in what we believe but we don’t disrespect people because they see things differently.

If you could pick any movie, past or present, that you could do the soundtrack for, what would it be and why?
Personally, I would pick The Sandlot, because it was such a huge part of my childhood, number one, and number two, the fireworks scene would be epic to figure out tunes for.

You’re from the gorgeous Florida in the US, where would you recommend I visit whilst on vacation around the Tampa area?
Man there are so many beautiful coastlines where we live but I would recommend Clearwater Beach and Frenchy’s Grill for seafood, sunsets and skimboarding, and for shopping and hanging I would recommend Tarpon Springs.

Change the record, what should we be listening to?
Innerpartysystem, the new Thursday record, Joshua Moore.

What’s in underOATH’s future?
Just hangin, touring, making records, you know the usual. [laughs]

Underoath released their new single Too Bright To, Too Loud To Hear, on Virgin Records, this week, from their album Lost In The Sound Of Separation.


One Response to Interview: Underoath

  1. Paula_x says:

    oh my dayz man, i love him!
    i’m such a teenie fan girl when it comes to Aaron haha

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