Live Review: My Passion – The Cooperage, Newcastle – April 15th 2009

mypassionp1A foggy Wednesday afternoon on the Tyne brings My Passion to Newcastle, with fans already queueing outside the ancient little Cooperage a fair few hours before doors are due to open, braving the strange weather.

Local pop-punkers It’s Our Time Now start things off, taking to the ground level stage. which proved tough for the band to actually be spotted, but, nonetheless, played out a neat selection of new (and old, from previous incarnation Midterm Break) songs, and providing a great little warm-up for the gathering crowd, even if the bass was a tad on the heavy side, unfortunately drowning out the guitar.

Chesterfield crew All At Stake get the party really going when they take the stage in fun fashion and play a rendition of the Ghostbusters theme tune. They churn out a great collection of popcore-ish tunes wrapped in a luscious synth, and granted, the bass again, is a little heavy, but that seems not to be a fault of the band, as each act suffers the same problem tonight. A brilliant cover of Limp Bizkit’s anthem Rollin‘ garters a great reaction from the crowd, and All At Stake seem to have definitely won themselves some new fans in the process.

They’re Summerlin, and they’re from Leeds, and that’s all you need to know before the main support blast into their first song. They earn themselves a great reaction, playing material from a soon-to-be released EP, and their only fault is the pesky venue sound, which drowns out a lot of the guitars in favour of the much too heavy bass. Nonetheless, an excellent performance of MySpace favourite Watch You Dance caps off a very enjoyable set.

For a band that has almost no commercial backing, My Passion have really drawn a packed crowd tonight, as they shine out all colours behind a veil of different lights, (looking much like they’re trapped in their own cube of colour) and launch into opener Crazy And Me, to kick things off with a real bang. They deliver their original disco-punk sounds at the crowd, and they’re definitely up for it tonight.

The sound problem seems to have disappeared, and the band sound in top form. Drummer Jonathan Gaskin deserves some special praise for an excellent set of drumming and backing vocal duties.

The boys blast through tracks from forthcoming album, Corporate Flesh Party, with new single Thanks For Nothing proving to be a real crowd favourite. Major unison jumping, dancing, and screaming is a crowd necessity, and all around fun is had by everyone, especially it seems, by the four performers on-stage, who look so at home with what they’re doing.

It’s refreshing to see such a tight and professional live act, and that certainly shows tonight is My Passion deliver a blistering performance. Most certainly they’re a band destined to go on to much bigger things in the near future.

My Passion tour with Summerlin in June, dates are:
2nd June – The GRV, Edinburgh
3rd June – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
June 4th – o2 Academy 2, Newcastle
June 5th – Underground Club @ The Priory, Doncaster
June 6th – The Cockpit, Leeds
June 7th – Eddies Rock Bar, Birmingham

My Passion’s album, Corporate Flesh Party, is out 18th May on Style Suicide records.


One Response to Live Review: My Passion – The Cooperage, Newcastle – April 15th 2009

  1. Sarah says:

    good review
    totally agree with this
    was the fullest i’ve ever seen the Cooperage


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