Interview: VersaEmerge

I met VersaEmerge as soon as they had rolled-up to venue for the first date of the Give It A Name Introduces tour. Hungry and guessing they were tired, we headed on up to Wagamama to conduct the interview.

Nellie: The name VersaEmerge is quite unusual name, how did you come up with that?
Blake: I actually came up with the name, it was around the time when we began with finally getting started and switching from other bands and there was a lot changing. ‘Versa’ comes from vice versa meaning to be opposite or to change. Emerge just fits in so it means to change and emerge.

N: Before Perception, your sound was harder than it is now with Sierra joining. Was the change to make the music lighter a mutual decision?
B: I think there was so much time in between looking for singers, we did a lot musically. It didn’t really happen overnight. We’ve been playing together for such a long time that we eventually evolved into this sound. It wasn’t really a conscious change.

N: The new EP, was recording that different than recording your last EP?

B: I think it sounds a lot different, we got one producer that we got to record with for two weeks. We were running around a lot from like New Jersey and…
Jerry: The last one was pieced together.
B: Yeah, the last one was very pieced together, so it was cool being able to sit and talk with the producer so it definitely turned a lot different.

N: Being signed to one of the most profilic indie labels around, Fueled By Ramen, was this a choice over working with a bigger label?
B: We definitely favoured Fueled By over all the other labels and that’s why we ended up working with them but we’re also building it from the base up in that making sure that we’re not going straight to radio or doing any prematurely. They’d wanna make it so that we do everything the way that we’re supposed to do it, not doing anything too soon.

N: You are a relatively young band, and this being your first time overseas, are you excited for anything in particular?

J: I’m excited to see Emery, they’ve been one of my favourite bands for forever.

N: Were you inspired by any of the bands on the line-up?
J: I grew up listening to bands like Underoath and Taking Back Sunday since I was in high school so knowing that we’re going to be sharing a stage with them is amazing.

N: Have you got any advice for bands who want to be in your position?

J: We usually answer this with a cookie cutter answer [laughs] and that’s be legit.

N: …You wanna clarify on that?

Sierra: A lot of bands do things which aren’t necessary and aren’t gonna benefit you in the end but if you’re legit and you don’t half-ass and you work really really hard then it’s gonna pay off.

N: So, I’m on holiday in Florida, where do I go, apart from DisneyLand (fail on my behalf)?

S: The beach.
N: Beaches here are VERY cold.
S:In the summer the water’s like bath water, it’s very warm.
B: I still go Disneyworld, I have a pass.
S: Disneyworld is awesome, Bush Gardens, Adventure Islands…
B: Universal.

N: Change The Record, are there any bands you think we should be listening to?
S: The Arrival, Eye Alaska.
N: I’m glad you said them, Eye Alaska’s record is one of the best that come out of Fearless Records.

J: They’re such awesome musicians and awesome guys.

N: Is there anything else in the works or anything you’d like to add?
S: We might be back early next year.
B: We’re gonna be touring on our EP all of this year and in the mean time we’ll be writing our new record and towards the end of this year well head into the studio and record it.


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