Introducing: The Arrival

Think JT before he decided to bring sexy back, add guitar, synths, increase the tempo via skillfull drumming and you have one promising act: The Arrival.

With their EP ‘Believe The Hype’ available on iTunes (y’all had the chance to download it for free when the band hit a million plays on MySpace), you need to do exactly that with this band. Alabama’s finest dance-rock band comes in the form of five young guys looking to start a party with their contagious songs that’ll have you singing along to the chorus or at the very least, mumbling along, acting like you know them. With fast paced beats in songs such as ‘Locked and Loaded’ or the catchier new demo ‘Buried Alive’ that you CAN actually dance PROPERLY to as opposed to the incessant jumping provided from your average pop punk song or head-banging connected to a typical metal song.

Lead singer Jeff’s vocals pair along perfectly with synths that don’t sound cheap provided by himself and guitarist Chris. The boys know how to slow it down by releasing an acoustic version of ‘Forget About The Forecast’. Having toured with FBR’s latest signing and good friends, VersaEmerge and my personal favourite Fearless band, Eye Alaska, being currently on tour with synth pop rock outfit Farewell and having played South by South West 2009, The Arrival are moving fast still being unsigned. Start listening now because apparently everyone knows listening to a band who’ll be the next big thing before they get signed is the coolest thing.

Catch them at and let the party begin.


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