Review: In This Moment – The Dream

Big things are to be expected from LA-metallers In This Moment, since releasing debut album Beautiful Tragedy, they have gone from strength-to-strength, playing numerous festivals, and a high-profile support spot alongside nu-metal outfit Mudvayne.

New release, The Dream, once again fails to disappoint. Falling somewhere between Evanescence and the beefier Walls Of Jericho, this record pleases both the fans of a good singing voice, and the boisterous upbeat of metal. While taking a far more melodic approach to this album than their aforementioned debut, the record spawns a lot of standout tracks, sing-a-longs such as Violet Skies and Forever, and a more heavier metalcore approach in The Great Divide, through to the very easy-listening and beautiful lullaby-like Into The Light.

Great use is made of Maria Brink‘s sublime vocals, who sounds on top form throughout. Each song is very memorable, in which a lot of it nods back to the radio-friendly age of nu-metal. If the band keeps chugging out records like this one, they can be sure to get a lot bigger, a lot faster.

The Dream is out now and In This Moment are currently touring the UK as part of Give It A Name Introduces and Incoming – stay tuned for a live review and interview!



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