Live Review: Exit Ten – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, April 8th 2009

Another weekday, another mid-week gig, and a surprisingly large turnout has amassed for metalcore act Exit Ten tonight, with people gathered for some few hours beforehand.

Locals This Is Devine start the proceedings off with a nugget of screaming charm. What the band lack in on-stage banter, they more than make-up for in their set, playing a decent chunk of technical noise, although, unfortunately not enough to get tonight’s crowd moving.

Newcastle’s The Casino Brawl take to the stage next, to a rather strange synth/noise hybrid, ploughing straight into what should be a brilliantly performed set of songs. Great as they sound on record, the band seem to lack live, at least in tonight’s performance, as they appear nowhere near as punishing and brutal as you would come to expect. This, however, doesn’t stop the few kids who came out to solely see the band, as they windmill and floor punch their way into a good time.

Bedford foursome Don Broco take to the stage to provide tonight’s main warm-up, and plunge into a somewhat strange mixture from their set. Think System of a Down being involved in a car accident with Scooter and you get about half the jist. In a surprisingly good set, this band play some very decent songs; a pity when they realise just as they’re really getting the crowd going that they’ve ran over their time.

As the headliners take the stage, the remainder of the crowd are pushed into the closer half of the room (minus hardcore dancers). Exit Ten power into an all out metalcore assault, with opener Godspeed sending heads banging. It’s very clear to see why the Reading quintet are touted as one of the UK’s best live acts, as they stay incredibly synchronised, powerful, and deliver a fantastic performance.

Songs from debut full-length Remember The Day, such as Warriors and Resume Ignore encourage the crowd to sing right back (On a lot of occasions, quite literally as vocalist Ryan Redman lends out his mic mid-song to audience members). Major kudos goes to Ryan’s epically powerful vocals tonight, which provide an immense contrast to the music being played from behind him.

Dips into the bands back catalogue in the shape of My Great Rebellion and a brilliantly excecuted Piece By Piece By Piece prove a real treat, and utterly slay. The very same can be said for closer and crowd favourite, Technically Alive, which sets the audience to awe with it’s haunting tune, and proves a very satisfying end to an absolute blinder of a set.



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