Live Review: Go:Audio – O2 Academy, Newcastle, April 7th 2009

The obligatory sharpies, giant banners, home-made tee’s, and all that useless gig day knick-knack are out in full force today, with people queuing from as early as 8am for Go:Audio‘s trip to Newcastle. With most people covered in ink and silly tutu’s, it makes for a long, depressing wait for anyone slightly normal.

Inside in the action, Eighth Wave take to the stage to open things up to a basically sold out Academy 1. As they croon out a selection of songs sounding strangely like Chad Kroeger, the young audience get bouncing, only to stop after around ten seconds during each song once they realise that Eighth Wave aren’t really their style. In fairness, to the band, they do try to garter a reaction, but the intoxicated youths everywhere seem to be paying more attention to mummy’s vodka than the music played to them.

Saving Aimee fare a lot better, and take the stage in true raving form, forcing the crowd into a frenzy of mosh/jumps with their synth-laden pop-rock songs. Half an hour proves to be a perfect amount for them, as they stir up a very ready crowd with chants, dance beats, and some brilliant vocals from front man Luke Quinn. New single We’re The Good Guys and favourite Small Talk, a sure fire set of party starters.

Go:Audio take to the stage after a rather long, Kerrang! chart song-ridden interval, to an uproar. They bounce their way out to their instruments as they break into the juicy and catchy Brake Brake. There’s something in the way that frontman James Matthews banters with the crowd tonight that suggests he’s had a lot of practice talking to young girls, as they lap up every piece of primitive chit-chat he throws at them.

Apart from that small talk, it’s all music tonight, which by most standards is somewhat average. The vocals are particularly off in places, such as the high chorus of new track, This Isn’t Hollywood. It’s the pure tune of each song that gets this predominantly pre-teen crowd going tonight. Songs like pop favourites So Quiet You Were and She Left Me giving the illusion of a full, action packed night, and urging the crowd to burst into squeals of delight.

Go:Audio can do no wrong in their audiences eyes, not even frequent sound cock-ups can put them off. Arm waving and unison jumping is a must as every member of the crowd is ushered on by each other.

Most gig-goers would call the performance average, and clocking in at just 10-songs, some people might of felt somewhat let down, but this crowd are no ordinary crowd, they’re a loyal army devoted to the band in front of them, and as each smiling face in the room tonight tells, they, at least, got very much their money’s worth.



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