Live Review: Kyoshi – 333 Mother Bar, London, April 4th 2009

Okay, so upon listening to Bang! and it being in my head for a good couple of days afterwards, I was looking forward to seeing Kyoshi perform at 333 Mother Bar, a half pub half club sort of place. I’ll try not to vent my anger at Transport For London with this one but because of it, I arrived 10 minutes late after a long trek from North to East London. Alas, I digress.

Climbing up the steps of the bar/club (blub, possibly?) I could instantly hear the rhythmic “oh”‘s of frontwoman, Leanne King. With all members (bar the drummer for obvious reasons) moving to the beat and generally having a good time playing along. LK as the lead is capitvating and steals the attention of everyone in/walking into the room.

The next song was a cover of Somebody To Love by Jefferson Airplane but is probably more known from the Boogie Pimps cover, which featured solos from both guitarist Dan and bassist Chris. Usually, I find solos pretentious and time-wasting but these were inventive and toe-tap/hip-sway/head-bop-inducing.

They ended on Your Own Beat, a song about not giving a damn about what other people say you should do. With everyone in the room dancing to the infectious chorus, their set ended on a high note and I was pretty pleased to have caught the bit of their set that I did actually see.



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