Introducing: Kyoshi

As you may or may not know, North London is pretty much a breeding ground of indie bands. 99% of them being generic, if we must be honest. Kyoshi, however, fit into the amiable 1% and should be recognised a lot more for their vibrant talent, on record and live.

Techinically, they don’t really ‘hail’ from North London, they just so happened to move there from Leicestershire where Dan and Ben, guitarist and drummer got together and slowly but surely bassist, Chris and singer/frontwoman Leanne (who just so happens to be Dan’s younger sister) joined to form Kyoshi.

Describing their sound is a hard task with each member taking different influences from artists in all different genres. Luckily, you can hear ska (not the third wave kind), hip-hop, pop and indie traces in their mix pot songs written by Leanne.

It’ll be a hard task for anyone not to like Kyoshi, once the upbeat drumming and bass kicks in, you will end up moving like ‘Drug Greg’ (who was the guy dancing like a loon beside me during the performance) to the witty words of Kyoshi.


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