Live Review: Wednesday 13 – O2 Academy, Newcastle, March 31st 2009

It seems humorously ironic that Wednesday 13 are playing on Tuesday 31, and as their rock-n-roll-ish horror punk show rolls into Newcastle, there are a great lot of fans already starting to gather early in the afternoon.

American sleaze-rock outfit The Chelsea Smiles start things out to a crowd barely gathered, but certainly make the most of their early slot, pummeling out a polished set of rock-n-roll sing-a-longs. Sounding similar to tonight’s headliners proves to be a plus factor for them, as the crowd begin to chant back, bang their heads, and get their evening off to a lively and rocking start.

Yorkshire metallers Glamour Of The Kill were up next, and while it does take some playing to turn a crowd unfamiliar with their style, a lot different to that of the other bands on the tour, and actually get them to move, there’s no doubt they make a great first impression. Armed with a collection of new tracks, and old songs like EP favourite Rise From Your Grave, the Glamour boys open up some pretty large pits – an impressive feat when you take into account the band have never played Newcastle before.

In a highly anticipated mash up of smoke and blood red lights, Wednesday themselves take to the stage – and a real up-for-it crowd, around quarter-past 9. When it comes to getting a party started, their dreadlock-clad namesake needs no introductions, instructing the room to get jumping from the off. Sounding equally similar to nu-metallers Papa Roach as legendary rock-n-rollers Motley Crue, the band break out a brilliant collection of ghoulish party anthems form a vast back catalogue, including a few hits from Wednesday’s numerous other projects. Nothing negative can be said for them, who after the 11th date of their tour, still sound perfectly energised and flawless. The now tightly bunched crowd are clearly having the time of their lives, and as an enthusiastic sing-song of old Murderdolls favourite I Love To Say Fuck draws to a close, there’s not a black makeup-clad face in the room that doesn’t leave without a smile, and a hairful of sweat. A brilliant and flawless performance.


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