Live Review: Summerlin & It’s Our Time Now – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, March 29th 2009

Sunday nights are never the best nights for gigs, nobody can be bothered to turn up, and the atmosphere never grows. Taking that into account, it comes as no surprise to see that tonight’s gig is played in front of less than a hundred people.

My Extraordinary start things off, and take to the stage to a still-gathering crowd, to tediously slug their way through a half-hour set, including a murdered cover of All Time Low‘s Dear Maria, Count Me In.

Not much more can be said for locals Taste Of Your Kiss, who make the most of a crowd at their peak, but play a very pretentious set of same-y, repetitive, and downright boring synth-laden pop songs. While they receive a warmer reaction than their predecessors, this isn’t really a band worthy of anything positive to say.

The less said about local ‘pop-punk’ outfit Impulse 11, the better. Delivering the exact same riff after riff of unsynchronised garbage about punk and girls, they deservedly play to a dead audience. Boasting a song they “just finished writing in the dressing room”, before slaying the legendary Billy Idol, these kids simply need to give up, as they aren’t impressing anyone. Worthy of the worst band you’re ever likely to see play.

Thankfully, Summerlin save what would be a downright depressing Sunday night by taking to the stage early, swapping places on the bill with It’s Our Time Now, to bounce on-stage and show the room what a real band should play like. Their short, energetic set shows a lot of potential from a band that have only been together around a year, dishing out a bouncy, catchy, All Time Low-ish charm that the youthful crowd laps up tonight. It’s all haircuts and skinny jeans, but what’s left of the audience love every minute.

The last band on the bill tonight are former members of Midterm Break, It’s Our Time Now. Unfortunately for them, there are only but around thirty people left in the room at this point, none of which it seems can be bothered with such a dreary performance following Summerlin’s blast of pop goodness. The night slowly drags out as more people begin to catch an early bus home, and unfortunately for It’s Our Time Now, their bass-heavy pop-punk racket isn’t near enough to save them from what could of been a better end to a less-than-satisfying gig.



4 Responses to Live Review: Summerlin & It’s Our Time Now – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, March 29th 2009

  1. Jd, Paul, Fatboy + Fringy says:

    You’re just a prick mate. You’re the one that was gonna start a band with Joe of Midterm Break. You sad fuck get a haircut, you fucking hippy.

    The way i see it bud, you’re scum. the local bands are fighting for recognition and faggots like you can’t even come to our faces to tell us what you think. If you’re really the big man, come see us and tell us instead of hiding behind your 14 year old lady friends. We have to take the good with the bad, but losers like you are the lowest of the low.

    But thank you for your £5 you sad fuck. Please come again.

  2. MIGHTYZEUS says:

    To: JD, Paul, Fatboy + Fringy.

    Guys, if you didnt like this dudes review of your band, being threateningly aggressive on a public website towards the guy aint gonna win anymore fans over. Even if the review if very poorly written.

    To: George

    Constructive critisms required George…rather than ‘it was crap and samey. Next!’ Something positive to be said can always be found, even if its just ‘band held their guitars the right way round’….but then again, i wasnt at this gig, so it mightve been as shit as you’ve made it out to be.

  3. George @ CTR says:

    firstly to Mightyzeus, thanks for your input bro, it’s nice to see someone reads this to start! Glad to see some criticism, helps me write better for the future. But believe me, I for one, could not find anything positive, my honest opinion.

    Secondly to the other guys,
    thanks again for your input, cause again, criticism is warmly received. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, I’d never seen you live before, so it was a completely neutral review from me. I didn’t have anything against you, and I was solely watching to review. But in my opinion, which is an unbiased one, I did not make much of your performance.

    Now, you’ll realise if you read over that, I mentioned I didn’t…have anything against you. But now you’ve started with the personal insults. Which means, I do now…have something against you. If you want to go and run your collective mouths to me and the site because you got one bad review, go ahead. If anything, you should take it like i take it; constructive criticism. Surely this will help you to play and perform better. You could always fish out for your positive reviews and stick to them, but frankly, listening to only the good can only feed your egos, whereas listening to both sides should surely help you. If you can’t take that you’ve not been rated, either simply don’t read the review, or ignore it. It’s obviously struck a nerve, so you must be aware that it might even be accurate? If you were so worthy of a good review every time, shouldn’t you all be playing more than a support spot in front of around 50 people? By all means, I’ll accept your lovely invite and come and read you this review word for word in front of you, to your faces. But it’s still going to be the same review, no matter which way you look at it. I’m very happy to do that, I don’t have any 14 year old lady friends to hide behind, which is more than I can say for bands like you who’s only good reviews do in fact, come from girls of the same age who don’t know any better. Calling me names is really going to get you no-where, because I’m above that.

    As for my money, it’s my choice where and what I spend it on, and in my honest opinion, was money well spent. A good piece of review work, and a chance to see an exciting and fresh band in Summerlin.
    Maybe you should take note from these guys, they played for their worth, and won my good review, which is what a real band does.

    See you in the near future, it seems. But at the end of the day, I’m only going to tell you the exact same thing as I’ve mentioned above.

    Now get the hell off our site, you pathetic babies, and grow a pair.

  4. rod says:

    i’ve seen Summerlin @ rock city in nottingham they where fantasic well worth going to see

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