Live Review: Paige & Me vs Hero – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, March 25th 2009

Faye and George attended the Newcastle date of the Snap, Crackle, and Pop-Punk Tour, with the home grown talent of Paige and Me vs Hero co-headlining.

The night started off with local pop-punkers, Astro-Chimp, within the first 10-seconds of their set a mass pit erupted. However, this was abruptly ended by the over-tight security. Unfortunately, it kind of went downhill from there for Astro-Chimp, with their guitar amp breaking, forcing the youngsters off stage after four songs.

Newcastle’s own Castro took things up a notch slightly with their nod to a bit of old-school pop-punk draped in some double bass. Playing about the same amount of songs as their main acts tonight, Castro inspired the first proper movement from the crowd. Slight confusion was had when the band announce a cover of Slipknot‘s Wait And Bleed, only to play another one of their own songs, but a band like Castro needs no covers or gimmicks to win over this kind of crowd.

Co-headliners and Preston ‘popcore’ outfit, Me vs Hero, were up next. Beginning with their intro, We Can Take the PPG, lathered in gang vocals, flowing swiftly into Hey Elzar, Take It Up Another Notch With the Spice Weasel. Bam!!!, receiving a hearty sing-a-long from the few loyal MvH fans in attendance. An energetically enthusiastic performance, sailing through every track from their self-titled EP, such as Hand Me the Keys to Massey and Upbeat (Down), as well as two new songs including Days That Shape Our Lives, all drenched in a perfect combination of contagious melodies, pounding double bass, and smash-your-face beatdowns. The quintet later delivered a cover of New Found Glory’s Understatement gartering more of a reaction from the crowd, predominantly of 14-year-old girls. Despite, vocalist, Sam Thompson’s evident sore throat during on-stage banter, this was completely unnoticeable during their impeccable performance. Clearly, one of the U.K.’s most promising acts, if not, the most.

From the word go, tonight’s headliners were all smiles and rehearsed dance moves, as the scrumptious, infectious piano-driven-pop-rock of Paige took on all that was left of the somewhat defeated crowd. Opening with new song For Better For Worse, the room picked up it’s enjoyable but sometimes dangerous atmosphere as bodies flew, slipped, fell, all over the floor. Old favourites from the If You Say So EP like This Is How We Role, and Actions sparked a large sing-a-long from Paige’s ever-growing fan base, with the highlight of the night being their only single release to date; their closing on You Got Guts (Shame We’ve Gotta Clean ‘Em Up) showed just why Paige are a band going places. Their A Day To Remember-esque synchronized head-banging and a final leap off the stage from keyboardist Paul Hinwood cemented the end of a really fun, sweaty night.

Faye (Astro-Chimp, Me vs Hero) and George (Castro, Paige).

Make sure you don’t miss out on this tour, there’s still a few dates left:
29th Mar – Cathouse, Glasgow
30th Mar – Academy 3, Birmingham
31st Mar – Cockpit, Leeds
1st Apr – Central Station, Wrexham
2nd Apr – Roadhouse, Manchester


2 Responses to Live Review: Paige & Me vs Hero – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle, March 25th 2009

  1. sam thompson says:

    That was a sweet sweet review and this line…

    “Clearly, one of the U.K.’s most promising acts, if not, the most.”

    is well appreciated.

    Thanks for the review


  2. Awesome, loving this.

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