Review: Eye Alaska – Yellow & Elephant EP

If this EP had to be summed up into in one word, that word could be ‘wow’. It is quite possibly the best EP that has come from the Fearless Records roster.

Yellow & Elephant is the debut release for Eye Alaska and it is indeed an amazing and exceptional start. Whilst managing to bring me back to my childhood Saturdays listening to my parents play soul tracks from artists such as Lauryn Hill, it also combines a vibrant sound found only existing in today’s music scene.

I Knew You’d Never Fly begins with only a piano playing for the first 23-seconds then the smooth vocals belonging to a Mr. Brandon Wronski set in. The serenity locked tightly within the first lines of the chorus ‘Wake up, I’m only asking the obvious’ truly brings the song close to you. Towards the end, the song ascends with gang vocals which are paired with Wronski’s crooning voice. That probably sounds horrible but it needs to be listened to to fully appreciate the melody put together.

Next comes Stop Me Now, I’m Not Ready, I wasn’t quite sure when this song started and I Knew You’d Never Fly ended but I tend to not concentrate on things like that. This song incorporates the vocals provided by the band more, which just so happens to include another Kensrue (yes, Chase Kensrue is the younger sibling of Thrice’s Dustin Kensrue). The drumming, although always being a part of each song, seems to shine through particularly on this song.

Now, I’m not going to even comment on the musicality of Roll Right Over. Up till this point, the EP feels a bit conceptual. We had the big ol’ argument type song, then the guy realises his mistake or does something woeful in the next and now it seems the couple have gotten back together. If anything, if you want a song to get down to (don’t act like you don’t know what I mean) then, this is THE song which rivals Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye.

The concept idea got scrapped once Through Willows and Streams began. It begins with a big beat, unlike the other songs and will make you wanna have a bit of a jig in your chair or wherever you are standing/sitting. This is the song that reminds me most of those lazy Saturdays I had growing up and it kinda makes me feel like having them again if I didn’t spend them being br00t4l.

A Storm In The Child’s Fountain features a more orchestral/jazz (it’s not very, it just is a bit more than the rest) sound but Cheetah and Tiger is definitely the most jazz-y song. Everything that you’d find in a jazz song, bar the trumpets/saxophone, is pretty much there. The vocals are extra sultry for the track which finally brings Yellow & Elephant to the end.

Although, this EP came out little over a year ago, it definitely deserves a lot of recognition that Eye Alaska are nowhere near receiving yet. Maybe that’ll change once their full length, which is reported to be released in the summer, comes out. I seriously hope it does.



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