Review: Hello Control – Hello Control EP

No offence to anyone that happens to live in Plattsburgh, NY but other than it being “the premier location for bass fishing” says the town’s website, what is there? (Any residents of Plattsburgh are welcome to email me and inform me). Bands from places you don’t expect them to come from (a la Omaha, NE for indie or pretty much anywhere in NJ, NY, or Boston for your hardcore needs, etc.) usually produce something everyone wants to hear. Plattsburgh could pretty well become the new home for feel good pop rock.

Upon writing this and listening to the EP again, I noticed I was missing Hear You Sing, the first song. If you downloaded their EP sometime last year, you wont have it either so finding out that they had re-released the EP, I had to swerve on over to their myspace and download again. Anyway, the self-titled EP, which is available for free download, is host to 6 songs, each being upbeat and fun enough for anyone to enjoy, guilty pleasure or not. The EP then continues onto Forever, which the use of synths in the beginning does seem quite strong and maybe a tad out of place but maybe that’s just a personal preference.

Heading onto a less jubilant tone, Start Over reminds me of early-Relient K-circa The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek. If I’m correct in remembering, the drummer for the NY quintet, Mikey, wrote the majority of the songs with I’ll Find You being written by vocalist Milo about a seasonal fling he had some place. As that finishes up and drifts to Let Me Go, I’m very, in fact, highly pleased with this song. Not as catchy as Hear You Sing but just as good, comes a song which sounds angsty enough to please anyone with relationship troubles/teenagers but still manages to make nod your head, tap your feet or maybe both simultaneously.

It’s a very good start, hardly groundbreaking or paradoxical but they don’t claim to be. They just want you to have fun and with tags on such as ‘amazing’, this wont be the last you’ll hear of them. So get ready for fun in partyburgh (oh how I am terrible at creating witty words).


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