Review: Vanna – A New Hope

Vanna – A New Hope (Epitaph Records) March 24th

As of late, it seems the wood works have been grinding out post-hardcore band after post-hardcore band, however, before the factory started up, there was Vanna. So easily comparable to bands such as Blood Brothers and Underoath to ignorant minds, but A New Hope, impressively produced and mixed by Steve Evetts (Every Time I Die, Story of the Year) and mastered by Alan Douches (Converge), brings so much more.

The follow up to 2007’s Curses is clearly more melodic, reminiscent of their The Search Party Never Came EP days, yet it still carries the right amount of breakdowns and screamed-verses to keep all fans happy, almost a perfect combination of both releases.

You can tell they wanted to try something different on this album, hence songs like Like Changing Seasons, greatly differing from the next hard-hitting track Trashmouth. Songs such as Where We Are Now and Into Hell’s Mouth We March showcase raw emotion set by intricate riffs and high-pressured drums.

Stories told through the album are certainly ones you’ve heard before and albeit, the calculations to create your standard post-hardcore song are still there. However, the Boston quintet’s ballsy new musical direction save this album from turning into just another generic record.

Vanna have certainly not lost their knack for creating good music whilst opting to take their music to a higher level and bettering themselves as musicians should do, there’s something honest about this album. With this aptly-titled album, Vanna are definitely redirecting this genre to greater things.



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