Screamo-crunk, worst genre ever? We beg to differ with you, Kerrang!

We’ve just posted a new MySpace blog, regarding Kerrang magazine’s recent claim that ‘screamo-crunk’ is the “worst genre ever”, dissing bands such as brokeNCYDE, 3OH!3, Hollywood Undead, Breathe Carolina, and Dot Dot Curve, along the way.

To read and discuss, click HERE!


8 Responses to Screamo-crunk, worst genre ever? We beg to differ with you, Kerrang!

  1. jamie says:

    Without doubt it is the worst genre ever. ‘Dot Dot Curve’ are an utter abomination.

  2. Rainbow says:

    Ha Dot Dot Curve Owns. And Jamie Is Retarded

  3. Jelly says:

    Kerrang sucks big time. BIG FAIL: Why the fuck they posted this article in the first place? Like ‘screamo crunk’ isnt even rock. Can you hear guitars,drums or base in their songs? Erm the answer is no so its aint fucking rock. And as far as i know Kerrang is a ROCK magazine.
    Oh and btw 3oh3 dnt even have any screaming in their songs 😀 so i wouldnt call them ‘screamo’ crunk lol (:

    Dot dot curve forever :DD

  4. rainbow says:

    we just kinda started on music and we sound pretty legit. ❤

  5. GLAMOURofTheOlli says:

    wtaf?! Breathe Carolina, brokeNCYDE, Dot Dot Curve (: and Hollywood Undead are AMAZING bands, and as for 3OH!3, their the sex! how teh fek can Kerrang justify calling them crap when their not even the genres kerrang deals with. i mean, HOW CAN BREATHE CAROLINA BE WORSE THAN SOME OF WHAT THEY LIKE!??!?!?!?

  6. Name says:

    Best music in the world. 🙂
    Bull what people say about it they are just old cranky losers.

  7. Great site! Come get Crunk!

  8. MusicReligion says:

    Kerrang is a rock magazine. As far as I’m concerned they should stick to it. I doubt they’d know the difference between good screamo/crunk to fucking opera. GET CRUNKKK <33

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